After more than a decade of helping reporters broadcast live video, Sweden’s Bambuser AB expanded its technology to shopping a year ago. The decision proved timely as lockdowns sped up the shift online — the shares have surged 13-fold since.

With so many eyeballs glued to social media, Bambuser’s product allows consumers to select a dress in their size straight off of an influencer’s live feed. Alternatively, an electronics chain may set up a session with employees presenting their gadgets before customers click to purchase, all within the same stream window.

Before the pivot to shopping from news, the firm languished in penny-stock territory for a major part of its publicly listed life. The recent share-price jump means Bambuser is trading above its listing price for the first time since the 2017 offering. Trading on Nasdaq Stockholm’s list for smaller companies, its market value now stands at 1.6 billion kronor ($177 million).

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