center> <img src="" width="350"></center>In my spiritual world, I want more compassion. I want more loving. I want more understanding. I want more knowing. I want more wisdom. I want more connection with all that is. I want more trust. I want more Light. I want more blessings. I want more grace. I want more peace. I want more meditation time. I want more expansion. I want more observation. I want more acceptance. I want more knowing. I want more oneness. I want more bliss. What spiritual experiences do you want more of? Write them down.With nothing to lose I quickly looked at the clutter in my own home (if you have kids and a family home you tend to build up a lot of stuff) and chose a ton of items which I began to sell. My eldest son is a photography student so we have a great camera and where really able to get some good shots. In fact what we did was lay a white sheet against a white wall creating a really clean background. With the help of my partner we wrote great descriptions (at least a paragraph per item). Finally we uploaded everything on to my long standing but dormant eBay account. The only time I had used my account previously was to buy stuff so this was different. However eBay is full of tutorials and help screens that made the process easy.Now, however, many people are realizing the disadvantages of keeping a very old car. From hygiene issues to financial ones, there is nothing that favors the ownership of such a car. Therefore, either to free the space being taken up by a junk car or to make some money off the old vehicle, many people are now looking for potential buyers. There are many people wondering, 'How do I ?' The good news is that there are several options. You can now find buyers online who will come to your house to tow the car away. The problem, however, is that the amount you will get will be very low. This confuses several people. Why would a car, even if it is very old, sell for such a meager price? Advertising and marketing is no longer a luxurious expense. They are absolute necessities. The world is a huge competitive place and you are just one among many trying to achieve the same thing - making a living. Branding your business is the first step to getting your name out into the public eye. Using your vehicle to advertise yourself makes good business sense, especially for small businesses.You could drive your vehicle to a used car lot and say "I want to sell my car for cash now." That may very well get you the cash you want, assuming the dealer is interested. It will be up to you to entice him if this is the selling option you choose. To do that, you'll need to drive up in a clean car that runs good and hopefully has a complete set of maintenance records. That is what it will take to get an offer from the dealer. Keep in mind that you might get a good price - just not as good as you would if you tried to sell the car yourself. That's the trade-off you make.Passenger Cars: New passenger cars will qualify under the program only if they have a fuel economy of at least 22 MPG. If the new model gets four more miles to the gallon than the old car, you qualify for the $3,500 credit. With a 10 MPG improvement or more, you can qualify for a $4,500 credit.

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