Recently, Mr. Wang (a pseudonym) found that there was blood on the toilet paper. Because he had hemorrhoids before, he didn't care much, so he took his commonly used Hemorrhoid Ointment. Usually, it's all right to use medicine. This time, I used it for a period of time. There was no less blood, and the number of stools increased. I always felt like defecating.He thought maybe hemorrhoids were serious, so he came to the anorectal Department of the hospital for treatment.After examination, Mr. Wang did have hemorrhoids, and during finger diagnosis, he also felt that there was a bumpy swelling at the lower end of the rectum, the texture was very hard, and there were dark red blood on the finger cuff.The doctor thought something was wrong and arranged for him to have an enteroscope and take some tissue for pathology.The results of the pathological report were difficult for Mr. Wang and his family to accept. As expected, rectal cancer."Hemorrhoids? Colon cancer?"What is the symptom of bowel cancerThe early symptoms of colorectal cancer are neither obvious nor typical, which is very easy to be ignored.Symptoms of colorectal cancer include bloody stool, black stool, changes in defecation habits (sudden constipation or diarrhea, increased frequency, endless defecation, etc.), changes in stool characteristics (thinning and deformation, etc.), abdominal distension and abdominal pain, unexplained anemia or weight loss, etc.

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