We were on our way to a seedy adult store, which is a place where I have been fucked thoroughly in the past. Peter had taken me there to suck and fuck through the gloryholes, and gangbanged in the theater there. I just planned on doing lingerie shopping, but I know I'll be tempted to explore more. I was never brave enough to come alone... and I never would have thought about coming here with Ben... but the more I thought about it, the more fun it sounded.I told Ben "I'm pretty sure I can get you in this place despite not being 21... but this place is a bit more pervy than most places". Ben looked confused and asked "because they sell sexier stuff?", and I chuckled and said "they do... but mainly because all the guys there are perverts looking to get blow job's or fucked". Ben seemed confused, so I explained that there were rooms that people would enter to either suck dick, or get their dick sucked, and porno theaters where almost anything happened. Ben seemed really intrigued, and asked "have you been there before". I smirked and said "It's been awhile, but sometimes when I gave in to my slutty side... I've had a lot of fun there". Ben said "have you fucked strangers there?", and I admitted that I had, but I hadn't been back because I've been trying to be good.We pulled up to the big plain building with only one sign that said 'ADULT 24HRS'. There weren't a lot of cars there because it was so early... maybe around 10. I looked at Ben and said "Are you going to get upset or jealous if I let some guys see me being slutty? I can feel already that I'm going to have a hard time fighting it". Ben smiled at me and said "I hope I can see you being slutty". "Good", I replied, "because I probably will be". I hadn't expected things to play out like this when I suggested going shopping, but I felt like Ben was going to see a lot more than I originally planned.I told Ben to just follow me in, and if anyone said anything, to just leave it to me. I'm sure it was bound to come up that he was clearly under 21, but I have a way of getting perverts to work with me. We walked in, and went to the far left wall away from the front counter (the clerk was putting things up, and didn't even notice us come in) to where the sex toys were. I could see in Ben's face he had never seen things like this in person, and was soaking it all in. I looked around the store, and there were 2 other customers walking around the other side looking at movies and magazines... so the rest of the people must have been in the arcade booths or the theater. I could see Ben was really intrigued in all the different sex toys that were available, when I noticed the store clerk headed our way.The clerk was looking me up and down as he approached, and asked "can I help you with anything?". I flirted by looking him up and down as well while saying "I'm sure you can help me out with a lot of things" with a seductive smile... "but I came originally to try on some lingerie, but got side tracked by these toys". The clerk smiled at me, and then looked over at Ben. I said "don't worry about him, he just looks young... can you pick out some lingerie for me to try on while we look at toys?... something slutty" I said, followed with a wink. The clerk lost all interest in Ben, and smiled while looking at my current outfit (short skirt, and a small braless top), and answered "my pleasure" as he slowly walked away. I smiled at Ben and said "let's find a new toy".Ben asked me "what sex toys do you like? Do you have any sex toys?", I replied "I have a few, but I've worn my favorite ones out... it's time for a new one". I noticed the couple of other guys walking around were starting to take an interest in me. I knew dressing the way I did, and being in a place like this... it gives the impression that I'm a slut, wanting to play... and that's exactly what I wanted. I pointed to a vibrator that you could insert, and it had vibrator attached for the clit. "Something like this" I said. "Something that will stimulate inside my pussy, while rubbing my clit". Ben asked, how it worked and I said I'd try to explain it better later.I was noticing one of the guys in the store was slowly making his way closer to where we were looking. I told Ben "don't worry, but the guys in here are going to sneak looks at me... they'll be wanting to fuck me. I won't let anything happen that I don't want to, so don't say anything... ok?". Ben said "are you going to let them?", and I felt my pussy heat up as I replied "yes... I'll let them". Ben smiled at me and said "because you're a slut?", and I looked back at him and said "yes... because I'm a slut". I think Ben realized that if others would get away with things, than he would to... and he looked really excited.The store clerk came back with a few outfits, and asked if I'd like to try them on. I looked at Ben and said "are you ready", and he replied "I'm very ready!". I looked at the clerk and asked him where the dressing rooms are. The clerk (a husky middle aged guy dressed an old t-shirt and jeans) walked us up toward the front of the store where the dressing rooms were (there were only two). I thanked him, and he handed me the outfits he ***********ed for me. I asked if he'd like to see them on me, and he said "I'd like that very much". I told him I'd let him know if I needed any help. He smiled and went back behind the counter next to the dressing room. Ben joined me in the booth and sat down. The dressing room just had a curtain for a wall, and when I went to close it, I purposely let it gap on one side... but when I went to close it on the other side, it not only wouldn't close all the way (there was a big wooden block preventing the rings of the curtain to go further), but it left even a bigger gap than I planned to leave... so now there is a gap on each side, and a mirror in which I could see the clerk looking at me... and I knew others would be seeing me on the other side too, they just had to walk over.Ben looked at the curtain, and then at me... and said "I guess it's show time" with a big smile. He then added in a fun tone, "if they get to look, I do too... so I'm not closing my eyes!" I smiled back and said "fair enough... I'm just going to be bad today". He looked like he just got the best gift on Christmas morning. I added "of course, it's our secret", and then bent over to give him a peck on the lips. And with that I stood in front of the mirror while looking the clerk in the eyes via the reflection, and took off my shirt.. allowing him to visually devour my naked tits. He smiled as I made it obvious I didn't mind him looking. I looked at Ben who was looking at me the same way.How far was this going to go today? I was ready to go all the way with everyone, including Ben.. but I didn't want my game with Ben to end just yet. I'm sure things would kick up a notch today, but how far should I allow it to go... and how do I keep it from going to far? Will I be able to hold back when I need to? Will my inner slut emerge and fuck and suck every guy I see?The clerk watched as I pulled down my skirt, leaving me in only the skimpiest panties imaginable. I held my tits up while looking at him, and then saw someone walk by on the other side glancing in... and slowly walking back staring in... and then walking back to where he could see me from across. I made no effort to hide from anyone who wanted to see (even the old guy who was now gawking at me). I looked at Ben and said "should I take off my panties so everyone can see?", and Ben was quick to shake his head yes... and with that, I pulled my panties down for everyone's eyes and told Ben "I'm such a slut". Ben smiled and said "a slut with a pretty pussy", which turned me on and made me blush a little.I looked at the clerk in the mirror and said "can you help me out with this outfit", despite not even trying it on yet (or really even looking at it). He said sure, and walked past the lingering old man staring at me, and walked up to the open gap... noticing I made no effort to cover up my fully nude body. Behind him I could see another guy who just came out of the theater take a spot next to the old man to check out what was going on.The clerk asked which one I wanted to try on first, and I just grabbed the first one I saw and handed it to him. He took it off the hangar and knelt down on the floor (allowing the other two a better view), and showed me where to step into it. I did as he said (noticing his eyes were locked on my cunt, that he now had a better view of) and got both legs in. The clerk then pulled it up and helped my arms in place so that I had it on. He rubbed the front down, as if to smooth it out (but I think he just wanted to see if I'd say anything, which I didn't). I turned to Ben and asked him what he thought. It was a red piece with a see through top, and crotchless... which I wasn't expecting, but didn't mind. Ben looked me over and said "it looks great! It really shows off that pretty pussy of yours". I smiled knowing he was really loving me allowing him to get to openly look at my cunt. The clerk said "you really do have a beautiful pussy" (I'm sure to test how I'd react to him being so bold)... I said "really? Does it not have to much stubble? I know it's in need of a shave" as I turned toward him to look again. Without hesitation he put his hand out and rubbed my cunt and said "It's just a little stubble, not to bad".I see Ben look at the situation with extreme interest, I'm sure not knowing what would happen next. I looked past the clerk and asked the others across the room (which had now grown to 4 guys while I wasn't paying attention) what they thought of the outfit. They slowly walked closer to get a better look as I posed with my hands on my hips. I wanted them to all know they were free to look at me without worry. The clerk moved to the side, inside the dressing room, so the guys could have a better look. Ben was now standing to watch how things would unfold, and the clerk told Ben "you're lady friend is extremely sexy". Ben smiled and said "I think so too... she's my favorite slut". I was taken back by that last part, Ben seemed to be trying to encourage the guys to do something by letting them know I see myself as a slut... and I wasn't quite ready yet. I wanted to draw it out and tease everyone more, and see where things went... but now I was worried that might escalate to fast.I asked the strangers again "so what do you guys think of the outfit? Thumbs up or thumbs down?" They all agreed thumbs up, so I looked at the clerk and said "I'll take it" as I undressed in front of everyone. The sexual tension was much higher than before... I had Ben and the sales clerk inside the dressing room with me, and four strangers standing at the curtain... and they were all focused on me as I stripped nude in front of them. I looked at the guys in front of me and asked "do you guys think my pussy has to much stubble?" As I spread my legs for a better view. Next thing I knew I had each of them reaching out to rub my pussy, as Ben stood and stared. I look over at Ben (who was obviously sporting an erection) and smiled while biting my lip. I'm sure it wasn't lost in Ben that he never got to rub me like that. It was obvious his aroused I was too every guy getting a feel. Suddenly I felt a finger go inside of me... I didn't know which one of the guys it was, nor did I care... but I knew I had to get things back under control."Ok guys, let me try on the next outfit" I said, as I was trying to composer myself. The clerk picked up another one and dropped to his knees to lay it down (which put my pussy really close to his face, I'm sure that wasn't coincidence). I had my ass facing Ben, and all the others were looking at me from the front. I noticed another guy looking our way as well... where was this all going to lead! The clerk told me to step into the lingerie and he'd pull it up... so I did as I was told. I looked down to see him focused on my pussy, and as he pulled up the lingerie he paused for a second and then leaned in for a lick before pulling it up all the way. I bit my lip while looking at him as he finished pulling it up. I don't know if Ben saw the lick, but I know everyone else did.This lingerie was purple, and covered my pussy lips, but left my tits exposed and lifted. It really made my tits look great, if I do say so myself. I turned toward Ben and asked "what do you think?". Ben said "wow, it really pushes your big nipples forward... fucking hot". I turned around toward the group, and they all agreed it looked good. I went over next to Ben and sat down on the bench, pulling legs up and spreading my legs. I looked at everyone and said "does my pussy look good in this? Would my husband have easy access?" I realized this was the first time I mentioned being married, and they knew it wasn't to Ben. Of course I had noticed that most of the guys there had on a wedding ring... but I didn't care.I now had myself in a similar position as I did when I allowed Ben to smell my pussy, except I was barely covered, and had a group of guys staring. Most of the guys were openly rubbing their crotch, including Ben (who I thought would have been to shy, but he seemed to have become pretty comfortable with it). I looked at Ben and said "do you want to check for me?". Ben said "very much" as he dropped between my legs. I asked him "will you lick what is exposed, so I know how much shows?", and without anything else said he started licking my covered pussy while everyone watched. The guys started getting closer inside the dressing room, and I saw the clerk was rubbing his dick, but looking around a bit concerned. I looked at Ben and said "is it on tight, or will Peter be able to move it easily?". I knew the answer, but I wanted Ben to expose my gaping spread pussy to everyone. Ben said "so you want me to check?", and I bit my lip while nodding my head. Ben pulled the bottoms aside easily, and held it there. I asked everyone if it made my pussy look good, and realized a couple of guys had already pulled out their cocks and were openly masturbating.The store clerk said "we can't be doing this here... let's go into the theater". Now I knew what going into the theater would imply, but I wasn't sure I was ready for things to go this far with Ben around. I looked at Ben and said "what do you think?"... and honestly, if he just wanted to go home, I would have... but I was hoping he didn't. Ben looked at me and said "I think a slut like you would like the theater, right?" I smiled and said "yes, they would". I told the clerk I'd take this lingerie as well as I took it off in front of everyone and put my clothes back on... except my panties. I handed my panties to Ben and said "will you keep these in your pocket for me", which he did without a reply... so now I was just wearing a short skirt with nothing under it, and a short shirt with no bra. https://canvas.instructure.com/eportfolios/737054/Home/Losing_my_anal_virginity_ I grabbed Ben's hand as we walked toward the theater, with a group of horny men following (some had to buy a ticket from the clerk, so they were behind... but those with a ticket already were following right behind... and I used my free hand to lift up the back of the skirt to show off my bare ass as we walked in.Is was dark as we walked in, so we stood in one spot while our eyes adjusted. As soon as I stopped walking I could feel hands under my skirt, rubbing my ass, and trying to get between my legs. I spread my legs open a bit while sticking my ass out, so they'd have easier access to my pussy. I could feel fingers slide into me as I tried to stay motionless. My eyes slowly adjusted as a saw a few people already in the room, all looking my way while jacking off. I walked to a row and told Ben "come around and sit in the row in front of me... I want you to see everything". Without a word Ben did just that, on his knees facing the back of the chair so he could see me, as guys sat next to me and stood behind me. All the guys had their cocks out pointed toward me and were jacking off, and Ben took the cue and did the same. I lifted my skirt, showing everyone my naked pussy as I started to rub it, and grabbed the nearest cock with my free hand. I wasn't looking at faces anymore, just a sea of horny cocks ready to fuck me.The next thing I know there are hands all over my body, my tits were out and being sucked on, my pussy was being licked, cocks were rubbing up against me, and being jacked off in front of me, and I had a cock in my mouth that I was anxiously sucking. It all just happened so fast, and it felt like I was on auto pilot. https://keith-skriver.technetbloggers.de/young-and-old I wasn't talking to anyone, or looking at anyone, I just wanted cock. I could see Ben just staring and jacking off (so I knew he was enjoying the show). I had my lower half pulled in different directions as various guys ate me out, and the same done to my head as a new cock would explore my mouth. I pulled out the cock in my mouth and asked Ben "do you like this? Do you like watching me get used like a slut?" Ben was jacking off extremely fast as he said "yes" and I saw him cum... hard. I knew he would be hard again and back to jacking off soon... he's insatiable.I felt a guy mounting up behind me, and I knew I was about to get fucked... and I didn't even bother to look who it was, I just kept sucking on whatever cock was in front of me. If Ben ever wondered how much of a slut I was, he was about to find out. I felt someone's cock slide up inside of me and slowly fuck me before picking up the pace. I did see a glimpse of the person, and it was one of the guys who had been watching me try on lingerie. He fucked me good for a little bit, but pulled out (I'm assuming so someone could have a turn). I looked where I had been sitting, and the clerk was there sucking my tits with his cock out... and he had a massive cock. It wasn't the biggest I've had before, but it easily made top 5. I straddled him and felt his cock stretch me out while I had random dick in each hand. I bounced on his cock, and occasionally leaned to either side to suck what ever cock was closest. I could hear his breathing and sensed he was about to cum, so I hopped off and started sucking him. I felt another cock enter inside of me while the clerk blew his load on my mouth.The clerk just got up and walked out as another cock was placed in my mouth. I had no idea how many guys have had their cocks in my mouth or pussy at this point, but I tried to make sure they came on my mouth or tits. Cock after cock would keep sliding inside my mouth or pussy, and I took them all like the greedy little slut I was. It started to eventually narrow down with a guy ramming me hard, and a couple of cocks in my face. I was going back and forth sucking them off when I realized that I didn't know where Ben was... I looked behind me and saw the old guy from earlier was fucking me hard (I would have never thought he had it in him). I looked at the two cocks I'd been alternating on, and sure enough, one of them was Ben.Did he know that I didn't know? Did he think it was OK (it's understandable he would), or was he trying to sneak a blow job out of me. Either way it made my pussy flood, and the hard pounding I was getting started to make me cum. I knew I shouldn't do it, but I placed Ben's cock back in my mouth as I came all over the old man's dick. The other guy came on my face when he saw me cum. I looked up at Ben who was smiling from ear to ear, and said we should go now. I put on my skirt and top, and started waking out the door.I knew I needed to have a talk with Ben, so once leaving the theater I pulled him into one of the booths. He had a smile on his face, like it was the greatest day of his life. I said "did you have fun?", and Ben replied "very much". I smiled and said "things really got out of hand fast... I have such a hard time controlling myself", Ben smiled and said "yeah, it was great!" Which made me chuckle. I said "I shouldn't have sucked your cock though... you're my best friends son. I know you're not a kid, but still... but your cock was so tempting, I couldn't help myself" (I didn't want to tell him I didn't know it was him). He pulled out his dick with a smile and said "what this?"... I said "yeah... it's a great cock" and stroked it a bit... "but I have to try to refrain from going to far... what if I can't control myself and end up fucking you,... I'd feel guilty around your mom" (which wasn't true, but I was running out of reasons to keep up the tease). Ben looked at me and said "but... I did fuck you". I was taken back, as I honestly had no idea "what? In the theater?" I asked, and he looked a bit nervous and said "yeah... you said you wanted to be bad, so I thought it was OK". I was shocked, but also soaking wet and extremely horny again. It was my fault anyway, I didn't tell him he couldn't... and if everyone else was fucking me, why wouldn't he? I should have been paying better attention.I said "It's OK, I just didn't realize it was you... I should have said something ahead of time... but you know how I am with a hard cock around". Ben smiled and said "slutty" as he stroked his cock. I said "yeah, exactly" as I sat down and spread my legs so I could rub my pussy in front of him. I said "tell me about it, tell me what it was like". Ben stroked his cock with a smile, and said "you were going back and forth sucking a few different guys dicks while getting fucked by chubby guy from behind, and I decided to get behind him for a closer look... I was able to see his cock slid in and out of you". I was rubbing myself really hard, and I knew I'd cum again when he finished the story. He continued "when the chubby guy saw me watching, he smiled down at me and then moved aside. I saw your pussy bent over, and it was open wide... I thought about all the times I saw your pussy, and wanted to fuck you... and I knew that I was finally going to". I was really getting soaked hearing about him getting ready to fuck me, when I saw a dark cock enter the room through the wall. I noticed there were glory hole when I walked in room, but didn't think anyone was in the other booths... so I hadn't been paying attention.<img width="386" src="https://lailasnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/5-year-old-Nigerian-touted-as-the-most-beautiful-girl-in-the-world-lailasnews.jpg">Ben looked at me a bit shocked while still stroking his cock, not knowing what was going on. "I thought that was just a peephole" He said, and I explained that guys use it to get blow jobs. He looked at me and asked "so what are you going to do?". I stared at the cock, placed it in my left hand, and asked Ben "what would you like to see me do... I'll do whatever you want to this cock". Ben said "suck it, I want to see you suck the cock". I smiled and said "ok... but I want to hear more about what happened while I do it". I placed the dick in my mouth and started sucking it. Ben got close to watch me sucking the strange black cock and rubbing myself. He continued "I slid my dick inside of you slowly so I could focus on how it felt, and then starting pumping inside of you while you had a guys cock in your mouth... I remember he came on your face, and you just wiped it off with your hand and grabbed another dick to suck".At this point I thought I remembered the moment. I took the cock out of my mouth and stroked it as I asked "did you grab my tits while fucking me and kiss the back of my neck at the same time?" He smiled and said "yes". I remembered that, I realized the was Ben finally getting to fuck me and I was so horny that my pussy made splashing sounds as I fucked myself with the strangers cock in my mouth. Ben smiled and asked "do you like that I did that?", and I mumbled yes around the strangers cock. I stopped sucking it and asked Ben "do you want to see this cock in my pussy?". Ben smiled and nodded yes. I turned around and guided the cock inside of me. I just pushed up against the wall and felt him fucking me. Ben got under me to look up and watch as it slammed inside of me. I asked Ben "how did it feel when you finally put your cock in my pussy... did you cum inside of me?". Ben keep staring at my pussy getting fucked and said "it was everything I hoped it would be.. I didn't get to fuck you for long because I came to early and let the next guy have a turn".Hearing that sent me over the edge, and I started to cum again. I slammed my pussy up against the wall as the stranger continued to fuck me. Ben was still staring at my pussy getting fucked, but I could hear he was close to cumming too. I said "cum on my mouth, I want to taste you". Ben quickly got up and started jerking off in front of my open mouth. I could tell that we were all three really close to cumming, and I could feel the strange cock spurting inside me. I told Ben "he's cumming inside me!" as I felt my pussy tremble and start to cum so well. I guess Ben could see it on my face because he started to cum toward my face. I opened my mouth to take it all in, and caught myself putting my mouth around his cock as I had an orgasm. I gave it a slight suck as I felt the cock behind me pull out, and cum run down my leg.I told Ben "we need to get out of here, let's go home". Ben looked like he was ready as well, so we got ourselves sorted out and walked out to the front. The clerk called me over and said "Thanks", to which I replied "happy to help". He told me I had left my purse in the dressing room and kept it behind the counter for safe keeping. It was my turn to say thanks and added "I do want those two lingerie outfits... and..." I walked off quickly and grabbed the vibrator I saw earlier. "Add this as well". He looked at me and said "if you let me take a picture of your pussy, I'll let you have the toy for free... I looked at him and said "deal... but my face can't be in the picture". He agreed and pulled out his phone. I said "can I sit behind the counter while you take the Pic?" He said "sure" and watched me sit down and spread my legs so he could get the Pic. He took a few, getting closer each time, and me trying to show more each time. He asked me once he was close "can I get a Pic of your tits to?". I said "maybe next time, Mr. Big dick" with a smile. Honestly, I was just afraid I'd get started again, and wanted to leave before I did.Once in the car I knew we had a lot to discuss before we got home... but I'd never seen Ben look so happy, and I was happy for him... but I wasn't done teasing him yet.

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