Governments and businesses in the GCC are focusing on environmental sustainability, but so far the financial sector has not kept pace. Developing the right structure and mechanisms for green finance can help unlock a huge opportunity for the region: $2 trillion in economic growth and more than 1 million jobs by 2030. Moreover, green finance, which looks at the environmental impact of investments along with purely financial returns, can accelerate the region’s goals of economic diversification and job creation, and, if structured correctly, it can attract foreign investment.To make this opportunity a reality, GCC governments should focus on four priorities: enact sustainability policies; create a new green investment body; strengthen capital markets; and establish, or join, standard and transparent reporting mechanisms for environmental performance.Sustainability is becoming the chief societal priority around the world. Mainstream financial institutions today make investment decisions only after carefully studying environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks. ’s largest asset managers, insurers, and stock exchanges are redirecting resources massively toward sustainable investments, with profound implications for governments, investors, and companies. In the EU and the US, investors poured a record $156 billion into sustainable investment funds in 2019, nearly triple the previous year’s amount. #climatechange #climatechange #sustainabledevelopment #finance #growth #economy #capitalmarkets #energy #investing #middleeast #loans #jointventure

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