Now, as people's living standards improve, their bodies tend to get bigger. Of course, some women get bigger after delivery, but this is related to estrogen secretion.No matter what size of women, it is difficult to achieve women's goals. Even if I lose weight, I want to lose weight. Fat people want to be thin. Their goal is to accept themselves for a perfect figure, but with age, their physical strength decreases, collagen disappears, and their skin becomes loose and dull.Many beauties decorate themselves with cosmetics, and some beauties go to beauty salons for fitness. In short, it is to make yourself look beautiful and eye-catching. It's too expensive to buy cosmetics to the beauty salon. Today I'd like to introduce some skin care tips.1. Drink a cup of soybean milk.Maybe many women don't like soybean milk very much. Because soymilk tastes bad. But soy milk is very effective for skin management. The raw material of soybean milk is soybean, but soybean is rich in lecithin, which is very effective in maintaining anti-aging skin.

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