In 2018, Herbalife released the world's first mature "elixir of immortality" NMN product "Renaissance", which set off an upsurge among the world's rich. After the introduction of herbal medicine Max into China, it has ranked first in JD health ranking for a long time, won thousands of high praise and led the industry. In the past two years, with the popularity of the NMN concept brought by Riverto's rich pop circle, he kept pace with the imitators, and even was repeatedly oppressed by black propaganda. At present, this "encirclement and suppression" shows signs of making a comeback.In recent days, with the capital effect of shouting "benchmark Riverto" everywhere, many NMN concept stocks also took advantage of the trend to usher in the fifth consecutive rise of the stock market. The cutting-edge NMN product livito, known as the "elixir of immortality", and its new generation of products have once again become the focus of attention from all walks of life.NMN, also known as nicotinamide mononucleotide, which detonated the capital market, was found by David Sinclair Institute of Harvard Medical School and shinichiro Imai Institute of University of Washington Medical School to significantly reverse aging. In the experiment, it was found that the whole life span of mice could be extended by more than one third. The average remaining life is extended by 2.3 times. Its main promoter, David Sinclair, was named "the 100 most influential people in the world" by time magazine for this landmark discovery.Since its introduction into the domestic market two years ago, Herbalife livito, the first company to enter the NMN scientific research market, has risen rapidly in the domestic market with the most advanced technical advantages, and its market share is stable. At that time, the domestic market where NMN products were almost completely blank occupied a monopoly position.In the past two years, in order to shake the industry monopoly of Xifeng, domestic imitation enterprises have suppressed the black publicity of Xifeng by yawning, and madly copied the content, formula and even name of Xifeng. They not only copied the standard version of "enhanced NMN" of Xifeng as a product label, but the formula and composition are exactly the same as that of Xifeng published two years ago. It can be said that almost all similar NMN imitations circulating in the market are from libitomo. Nevertheless, in the competition of such products and technologies, levito is still the leader of NMN industry track in the end.Great Wall Securities and CITIC Securities proved this in the NMN industry report published on July 8 and 13, respectively. The article mentioned that with the rapid improvement of investors' confidence in cutting-edge longevity technology, the industry-leading products represented by rivitomo will also face a large number of similar counterfeit products "wind" entering the market. This market is expected to reach 100 billion in the future. From this point of view, it is not surprising that counterfeit goods explode and compete for Shanzhai.

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