Mitochondrial element (NADH) is not the only choice, but the well-known efficiency and combat effectiveness are the best choice. Due to the high threshold of manufacturing technology and storage, NADH stays in the concept stage for a long time. However, the development of modern biotechnology has broken down barriers and opened up a new anti-aging highland.The competition between old and new forces, whose Dunkirk, whose Normandy?The strongest anti-aging King Nader appeared."Reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide" is the scientific name of NADH and is called "mitochondrial toxin". As a pioneer of coenjaim I, he was too active to establish an industrial snow bank in the field of anti-aging.In fact, George D. birkmayer, known as the "father of NADH app", has been exploring synthetic ideas since 20 years ago. His father was Walther birkmayer, the inventor of levodopa, a Parkinson's drug. His father and son devoted their whole life to the production and application of NADH preparations. However, before the anti-aging of NADH began, all sectors of industry, University and research had no choice but to regard it as the technical peak that could not climb the mountain. (Shakespeare) Shakespeare.This is not to say that modern biotechnology is powerless, but that during this period, the market was once full of expensive anti-aging drugs, but the industry generally believes that anti-aging is always exclusive to the rich. In addition, the extraction technology of NADH is limited, the industry tends to sell money in small markets, and life is not sad. Therefore, the research on targeted anti-aging based on human cells has remained in the "honeymoon" of the previous generation technology for a long time.

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