Here are some recent happenings in my personal life. My college is online. However I am accumulating many knowledge that will assist me in becoming an Youtube famous and influential. My total followers are nearly 1800. It's funny to think about this, but I've already started on the path. I realize it's not much however, with patience and lots of positive thinking and exclusive content with great ideas - and I will become that celebrity. It's not that difficult to get there, like Nas once stated. I've always admired Nas' words.It was a long , tiring journey home that looked just like every other. Being bulky, I hate being stuck in the tiny bus seat. And so this time I decided to outwit the boredom. This is true! There are 2 courses in my college that have a lot of lectures. The lectures are stored on the servers of the courses. Youtube has several quality choices. Youtube allows for people who cannot keep up with the HD video lectures' speed. Youtube also provides many choices for high-quality. Here I am, getting ready for my 8 hour bus ride. I'm thinking about what to do, what I can do to enjoy myself, or perhaps do some thinking. I looked through the videos of my 3 lectures. The duration was about 7 hours. I wanted to save the video on my iPad so I only listened to the lecture while I was taking the bus to home for Thanksgiving. YouTube? mp3 convert was a great tool for doing just this.. I did audio only for the phone because I simply have very little room there, and audio lectures are just like podcast, plus nothing really visual is included in these lectures, everything is explained as if watchers are two to three years old. It's very easy to comprehend even if you're not actually watching but just listening. That's why I made the videos, then converted to mp3 format and set up my headphones.. I wasn't yet able to purchase the expensive Airpods. I was content with my cheap headphones. I also downloaded videos from Youtube and downloaded them as mp4 files to my iPad. It was very helpful during the first couple of hours. Video is great as it lets you see the instructor performing his task and also what's going on. Other than that, it's just another podcast. MP3s are less than video MP4, which means I could not accommodate all seven hours of video onto my iPad. I'm not willing to remove Family Guy from Hulu for the duration of the trip, but also for the time being to avoid the possibility that my brain started to melt due to the countless lectures.<img width="334" src="">I was happy to bring audio and video lectures. My iPad was empty within two hours. Then my phone rang. I was only listening to the audio, not looking at it, so it lasted until I reached my destination. After college reopened, I was able to quickly reflect on what I'd learned and wow the professor with my background knowledge. It's incredible what technology can assist in making studying easier. There are sites full of lectures, tutorials, DIY videos, it's simply unlimited knowledge all saved on Youtube and other video storage websites.. It's something to be thinking about.

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