For investors, it is important that the adviser they hire is a member of the investment adviser regulation organization, or IRA Regulation. This is because such organizations keep track of registered investment advisers, which makes it easy to check on a particular investment adviser's registration status. In addition, IRA Regulation requires investment advisers to meet certain standards, including annual performance figures and financial statements. This is also because such regulatory agencies do not undertake the responsibility of monitoring investment advisers. The best investment adviser will have a portfolio that includes investments in various stocks and bonds, and he will also offer investment advice to investors who need advice on which stocks and bonds to purchase or sell. He should also keep abreast of the changing stock markets.On the other hand, investment advisers that work with investment consultants who are not registered members of IRA Regulation are not regulated by such agencies and may not have the required licensing. As such, these investment advisers cannot give investment advice to clients, nor can they help them determine which stocks and bonds to buy. are not under the jurisdiction of the State Department, which is why they can give some investment advice that is not in line with State Department policy. In this case, the best investment adviser will have his business affairs in order, and he will be able to help individuals invest their money in a way that meets their individual needs and goals.The second type of investment adviser who may be included on a for investors advising referral network are investment advisers who work with investment consultants who are registered members of the organization. Under state law, these investment advisers must register with the Attorney General's Office and pass an examination known as the fiduciary test. According to Business Directory, this exam is designed to ensure that investment advisers "are independent from personal interests and that their advice reflects their best judgment." In addition, Business Directory notes that such registered representatives "must devote significant time to studying and analyzing their own and the investments of their clients," which ensures that they "know how to make sound investment decisions in a financially responsible manner."For investors to find registered investment advisers to help them with investment advice, they can visit websites that connect investors with registered investment advisers. For example, the website Smart Investing features links to investment advisers from across the country. Additionally, the site includes lists of investment advisers who have passed the recommended exam from the Attorney General's Office. Finally, the site provides a list of investment advisers who have been reviewed by JD Power and Associates.Because many investment advisers are required to register under the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRROC) and are regulated by federal laws such as the securities act, for investors to seek out a registered investment adviser, they should first research whether the investment adviser has a license to operate in their state. The state licensing agency keeps records of licensing information for all licensed investment advisers, and an investor can access this information via the NASD or FIRROC websites. As previously noted, investment advisers who are members of investment groups such as a National Association of Security Dealers and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority are also subject to stricter state regulation than investment advisers who are not affiliated with these organizations. For this reason, it is important for investors to be very careful when deciding which investment adviser to work with.

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