Lu YunRecently, "Immortality drug" NMN (- nicotinamide mononucleotide) products have become the leading star products in the field of health of cross-border e-commerce platforms. However, it is worrying that on e-commerce platforms such as pinduoduo and Taobao, it is surprising that merchants sell NMN powder raw materials or filled capsules directly to consumers. (William Shakespeare, northern exposure, mart) there are many spellings on Chinese industry newsprint. Taobao has searched hundreds to nearly thousands of relevant product links with the keyword "NMN raw powder". There are many words on these products, such as "manufacturer direct sales, purity 99.8%, FDA certification, health products", consumers can buy and take them directly.For example, Hanlin food store sells NMN products produced by Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for only 111.1 won per bottle. As of the afternoon of August 21, 2645 pieces have been successfully customized. In the evaluation of that product, many buyers are talking about taking experience and methods. In addition, in addition to NMN raw material powder, VC raw material powder, taurine raw material powder and other pharmaceutical and food industry raw materials can also be purchased on multiple platforms.So, is there a potential safety hazard in taking industrial raw materials directly? Is it illegal to sell new raw materials not certified by the national food safety department? How to supervise internet food and drug safety? This newspaper invites relevant experts to discuss these issues.

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