1. Lingnan convertible debt fell by more than 6%. Yesterday, we issued the article "hurry to clear the warehouse! Otherwise we will face heavy losses", which analyzed Lingnan's arrears in detail and reminded us to settle them in time at 120 o'clock.Unexpectedly, my analysis was immediately verified today. Lingnan shares, Lingnan convertible debt plunged 6% and positive shares fell 3.24%.The theme of Lingnan convertible bond is very hot recently. It still can't stop after rubbing against the original concept of the universe. On November 15, Lingnan shares and yishite signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Yishite is a supplier of digital industry and intelligent energy, and has the first mover advantage and industrial strength in the integration of intelligent power supply and optical energy storage. Lingnan introduced the concept of "digital energy" after cooperation with easyt.The current price is 113 yuan, and it has fallen to 110-120 yuan, which is a reasonable price. In other words, after the overhaul, the premium rate is about 13%, which is a proper double low debt, so Daoge has bought again and continued to enter the warehouse. The more you fall, the more you buy. Fear can't do it.2. The decline of Teyi pharmaceutical stopped, and Teyi convertible bonds exceeded 10%. Teyi pharmaceutical, the main stock of special convertible bonds, has been trading continuously recently. The reason is the production batch of nicotinamide tablets with two specifications of 50mg and 0.1g. Teyi pharmaceutical also has the concept of medical beauty. Teyi pharmaceutical plans to invest 100 million yuan to establish Guangdong Temei Health Technology Industry Co., Ltd., which is the big health industry investment and operation platform of Teyi Pharmaceutical Group, making every effort to layout the development and investment in the field of medical beauty services.Teyi convertible bond is similar to Lingnan convertible bond. As a traditional Chinese medicine enterprise, Teyi pharmaceutical used to develop medical beauty. It was once fired, up to 172.5 yuan. This time, Teyi pharmaceutical has a production batch of nicotinamide tablets, which rubbed the concept of NMN. NMN, the full name of - nicotinamide mononucleotide, is the precursor of NAD synthesis in human body. By resetting the epigenetic clock of aging, it can delay the pace of cell aging.The current price of Teyi convertible bonds is 128.1 yuan, the premium rate is 20.39%, and the remaining scale is 297.9 million. Today, the decline of Teyi pharmaceutical stopped, the decline rate of Teyi convertible bonds exceeded 13%, and the turnover rate in the morning reached 220%.Before the surge, the value of special convertible bonds was about 31%, and now it is 20%. The cost performance has been improved. Vendors built new warehouses on today's plates to cash in their debts.It must be noted that the price of 128 is still relatively high. At present, Jiancang Teyi convertible bond is a flying knife, and there is a certain demolition risk in the short term!In addition to the special convertible bonds, the firm offer received a small number of auto convertible 2 and Yongding convertible bonds that were sold high a few days ago. The current prices are 139 yuan and 128 yuan, with a greater increase and higher price than before. There is a certain recovery risk in the short term.3. Huazi convertible bonds and KANGLONG convertible bonds: don't forget to sell or convert them on the last day.

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