The Department of Telecommunications has divided India into various telecom circles such that within each circle, the call is treated as a local call, while across zones, it becomes a long-distance call. As of July 2018 there are 23 telecom circles or service areas. They are classified into four categories: Metro, A, B, C. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata fall under Metro category. Chennai service area doesn't come under Metro category, as it has been a part of the Tamil Nadu service circle since 2007.

A telecom circle is normally the entire state, with a few exceptions like Mumbai and Kolkata (which are different zones than their respective states), Goa (which is a part of the Maharashtra zone), Chhattisgarh (which is part of Madhya Pradesh), Sikkim (which is part of West Bengal) Jharkhand (which is a part of the Bihar zone) or Uttar Pradesh (divided into east and west zones). Delhi is a unique circle because it includes towns from Haryana (Gurgaon and Faridabad) and Uttar Pradesh (Noida and Ghaziabad) as well. Recent formation of the new state of Telangana has been separated from Andhra Pradesh state which will still remain in the same circle.

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