<p>We've all heard that cats are among the most adorable, most hilarious and quirky animal ever, but did you know, that in ancient Egypt they were believed to be associated with goddesses Isis and Ba'at, which were often depicted in various drawings and even mummified? Or that later, in the Middle Ages, cats were massacred in large numbers because people believed that witchcraft was the reason for their deaths? The feline genocide was stopped by Hyvel Dda an king of medieval origin from Wales who declared it illegal to kill or harm cats.</p><p>With so much of our and cat's past overlapping naturally that cats have gathered many symbolic meanings for them. The black cat is considered to be a signification of poor luck. Cats are, however, symbols for independence, intelligence, determination and intelligence. If you're considering your next body art piece A tattoo of a cat might be an ideal concept, since it is a symbol of many desirable qualities.</p><p>A cat is more than a pet. It's been a symbol for grace and poise since ancient times. In the past, in Egypt, they had cat goddesses and even mummified a few of them as humans do. Egyptians considered felines to be of the highest regard, and killing one, even through accident, could result in death penalties.</p><p>Cats have been used throughout the ages as symbols. In the past, in Egypt, they were known as "mau," were associated with the goddesses Isis and Ba'at. They were often depicted in art or even mummified. In Greek times they were associated with cleanliness, lust, deviousness and cunning.</p><p>Modern cats are often linked to independence and are symbols of rebellion. For instance, South Korean law dictates tattoos must be done by medical practitioners. Tattoo enthusiasts began doing cat tattoos to protest.</p><p>Cats are often given a hard time, considered the lesser sister of dogs - because for some reason we gender entire species - cats are girlsand dogs are boys, because that is what we think it is. But it's time to acknowledge the fact that cats are anarchist superstars living their own lives living their own lives, doing their thing and demonstrating to us what the good life is. Everybody wants to be a cat.</p><p>The fascination that we have shared for centuries with cats seems less to be related to their usefulness or their companionship, like dogs, but more on their cool, almost ethereal, nature. The cats were gods. Cats are gods. Their captivating beauty and enchantment captivates us - even if they're just stepping over the garden fence to shag the cat next door - we imagine they've travelled further and seen magic sights we simple humans couldn't possibly imagine. They are night creatures that have the right to rule for themselves. We've let them to believe that we have cultivated them. https://www.easyfie.com/read-blog/321611 are theirs and not the other way around.</p><p>Famous cat owners - owner is a term often used lightly - include Georgia O"Keefe, Henri Matisse, Dali, and Manet their artistic reputation is well accounted for. Picasso was a dog man however, we should not be ignoring him for now.</p><p>Cat tattoos offer a chance for us to express our modesty, recognize that we're a lesser being, just bipedal mortals squawking at the feet of the feline gods - Perhaps you simply love cats. Perhaps you have a particular moggy at home, an affectionate tabby cat that purrs when you scritch-scratch him between the ear. It is possible that you like cats because they're stylish that's possible, and it's a valid reason. Simple as that.</p><p>Below, we've compiled numerous tattoo ideas for our beloved pets. From subtle small tattoos and simple cat tattoos, to realistic drawing ideas We've tried to include as many as we could find for every cat in the world.</p><img width="415" src="cat tattoos">

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