<p>We all know that cats are charming, hilarious, and curious animals. Did you learn that cats were tied to Isis and Ba'at in early Egypt It was commonplace for them to be depicted in art and were even mummified. Or that later, in the Middle Ages, cats were murdered in mass as people were believed to be witches? The cat genocide was stopped by Hyvel Dda King of the Middle Ages from Wales who declared it unlawful to kill or harm cats.</p><p>With this much of ours and the history of cats overlapping, it is only natural that our feline friends have had many symbolic meanings for them. While a cat that is black could be thought to be an indication of bad luck, cat, in general, represent freedom, independence, and intelligence. Cat tattoos are an excellent choice for those seeking a distinctive body art design. It is a symbol of many desirable characteristics.</p><p>A cat isn't just your typical pet. It has been a symbol for poise and elegance since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians had cat goddesses, and also mummified a few cats like humans. Egyptians held felines in the highest esteem, and even killing one through accident, could result in death penalty.</p><p>Cats have been used throughout the ages as symbols. In the ancient times of Egypt they were referred to as "mau," were associated with goddesses Isis and Ba'at, and were frequently depicted in artwork or even mummified. They were associated with purity, deceit and lust in Greek times.</p><p>Modern cats are frequently linked to independence and have become symbols of rebellion. For example, South Korean law dictates that tattoos can only be administered by medical professionals. In response, tattoo enthusiasts have begun to apply https://pbase.com/topics/fowlfog3/catattoo325235 as a form of protest.</p><p>Cats are commonly thought to be the less-sister of dogs. This is due to the fact that we are a species that is gendered - dogs and cats are both females, however, it's high time that we acknowledge that cats are anarchists who are living their life to the fullest and doing what they love, and showing humans the way. Everyone wants to be a cat.</p><p>The fascination we have for millennia with cats seems to have less to do with their potential companionship or usefulness similar to dogs, but more because of their alien and almost ethereal qualities. Cats were gods. Cats are gods. We are fascinated by their stunning beauty. Even if they are simply going to the neighbor cat to scratch it, they think they've seen more than we can imagine. These night-time creatures are lawful They have only let us believe that we've made them our own - I'm sorryto say, we do not. We are theirs and not the other way around.</p><p>Famous cat-owners (owner isn't a term that is used lightly) include Georgia O'Keefe and Henri Matisse. Their artistic authenticity is documented. Picasso was a dog lover however, we should not be ignoring him for the time being.</p><p>Cat tattoos help us be humble, to realize that we're not gods, and can squawk at the feline gods. Maybe you have a special pet at home, or a friendly tabby cat who purrs when you scratch him between the ear. Cats may be your favorite because they're stylish, which is possible and it's a legitimate reason. Simple as that.</p><p>We've collected a wide range of tattoo designs for our pets that we love dearly. From subtle small tattoos to simple cat tattoos, to realistic drawings These are just a few examples.</p><img width="482" src="cat tattoos">

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