Anthony Jerdine on FinanceI see finance as a key lever to influence sustainable outcomes. https://www.click4r.com/posts/g/2756703/real-estate-shelling-out-ins-and-outs-for-you-to-get-knowledge-about will play an important role in redefining business as usual, helping to support the transition from exploiting nature to restoring nature. The finance sector is in a unique position to incentivise the transition through only agreeing to lend to, invest in and insure businesses that manage their nature risks and impacts. Financing sustainable business has strong financial as well as broader societal benefits, which is why sustainable finance continues to gain traction.Through collaborations, research and advocacy, Sustainable Finance team aims to help integrate environmental considerations into mainstream finance and lending. #investment #impactinvesting #sustainability #climatechange #environmental #business #finance #research #sustainable #innovation #circulareconomy #sustainabledevelopment

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