What is Forex Trading?Forex trading is the act of buying and selling currencies. In fact, our lives wouldn't be possible without currency exchanges, only you might not be directly involved in a currency exchange. The simplest and most obvious is, when we travel to a certain country, we often have to exchange Vietnamese currency into the currency of the place we are going to. So it can be said that we have already entered into a monetary transaction.What is Forex Investment?Forex investment is your participation in the Forex market in some form, taking advantage of the ups and downs of the market to make a profit. Usually, most people think that Forex investment means that you will participate in the Forex market to trade, that is, become a trader, open an account on a broker and make a profit.But in reality, that is only partially true. There are many ways for a person to participate in Forex investment, “forex trading – becoming a trader” is just one of them. About the ways to make money from the Forex market, I will introduce you below in detail. And here, first I want to remind you that no matter what form of Forex investment, you need to learn carefully and understand how you are investing.How many types of Forex markets are there?The Forex market is divided into 3 different categories:1. Forex spot market (spot)Also known as the spot foreign exchange market. Spot forex transactions are simply currency transactions that are being processed for immediate execution. When a buyer makes a transaction, a seller agrees to the exchange rate offered by the buyer.2. Forex Futures MarketThe foreign exchange futures market is a market in which transactions are made to buy and sell within a certain range in the future. In this market, two parties buy and sell will perform an OTC contract with a certain amount of currency and a certain price, the contract is fixed for payment at a future date.<img width="368" src="https://sinvest.vn/wp-content/uploads/Forex-trading-la-gi-Huong-dan-dau-tu-Forex-cho-nguoi-moi-min.jpg">3. Forex Futures MarketThe Forex futures market is a place where a contract to buy or sell is agreed upon for a certain amount of currency at a price and date that has been fixed in the future.Is Forex a scam?The answer is no. The forex market is the largest financial market in the world. Forex is not a scam, only individuals, organizations and groups take advantage of forex to make fraudulent tools.It is a fact that forex trading is a very difficult job, no exaggeration, this is one of the hardest jobs in the world, that's why a lot of people lose money when participating in the Forex market. The more attractive the market, the more people participate. The more participants, the more losers. https://sinvest.vn/dau-tu-forex-la-gi/ lose, the more the need to remove the gauze also increases.Taking advantage of the above, there are many bad guys who have devised tricks to beat the greed of participants. Make sure you identify and distinguish between risks from the Forex market and risks from multi-level brokers &amp; rogue teams!

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