A Psychic's Realistic Slot Machine StrategyIn October of 2006, I visited 2 Illinois casinos and two Indiana casinos. I am not a high roller. I go to watch on certain days when I feel the vibrations are high for people to win.When I am consulting with a client and looking upon which days will be lucky for them, I always give an additional warning to proceed slowly when gambling.I always notice machine patterns of winning and report back to clients so they can use this information to check against their own personal experiences when gambling.My personal rule of thumb is to always walk the main aisle in a clockwise fashion and observe all the rows of slot machines. I walk the main aisle where there is the most floor traffic. In many online casino marketing journals, it is suggested that the slot machines that tend to trigger the most wins, are easily observed from the main aisle so that others walking by can easily see the win. This can encourage people to try the machines in the same area.Of course, the state gambling association may disagree with this. Casino's in most states adhere to strict inspections. Casinos must also publish a certain payout percentage for each dollar numeration of slot machine. I personally interpret this to mean not every machine on the floor has this payout percentage running simultaneously.I noticed that throughout this month,when observing slot machines, a pattern of winning emerged based upon how the machines were lined up on the casino floor. For example, when I watched four slot machines being played at once, the first slot machine and the fourth slot machine from the aisle would jackpot*. When I observed an odd number of machines in a row, for example, three in a row, the center machine would jackpot*.* The jackpot would hit when a player had 30 credits or more, and bet the most amount of lines. (For example: if a quarter slot machine has a maximum of 9 lines they would bet on all nine lines times x 25 cents per line)I noticed this occurrence on October 4, 7, 11, 19, and 29. On October 29, I noticed an interesting winning pattern at an Elgin, Illinois casino.I watched a row of nine slot machines along the back wall for 4 hours.The machines were quarter slot machines.The fourth slot machine hit the jackpot 5 times per hour.The machine to the fifth had 2 small jackpots per hour, the ninth machine (one the end closest to the main aisle) would award $300.00 per hour. http://thedirtdrifters.com This particular machine had 4 players that each won this amount.The slot machines 1,2,3,6,7 and 8 had zero payout in a four hour duration.Before you play any slot machine, it is always a good idea to stand around and watch for the patterns of winning. I would advise to stand there and watch for at least two hours before trying to gamble.You may be able to observe a winning pattern and even notice the time each win occurs. If you notice over a two-hour period of time that none of the machines hit any winnings, look elsewhere, chances are, you might also lose your money as well.I would also like to share with you my personal play strategies on two slot machine games:American OriginalPlay only 4 lines at a time and play slowly. You spend less. You will have to sit there 30-40 minutes but it is a better strategy to getting to bonus games that pay the most with this machine. I have noticed this game can go into a bonus round with playing as little as 4 lines. By carefully watching this game it is in my opinion, I did not see an an incentive to play the maximum 25 lines since you do not need to play all of the lines to trigger the bonus game. The bonus game win can give you up to 100 free games. You may want to try using the extra money into the multiplier function than on line betting.S&H Green StampsYou are going to realize that you are guaranteed to have a bonus game by the way this slot game is programmed. Each play gives you the opportunity to collect stamps once you reach 1000 green stamps. Which on average takes me about 25 minutes to get to the bonus round. My personal strategy is betting 25 lines times 1X per play. Until I get up to 800 stamps then I back up and play anywhere from 10-15 lines times 1X play per line. This gives me a chance to save money as I get closer to playing the bonus round. Do not stay on this machine if you are not going to wait it out to collect the stamps to get to the bonus round. I have tried playing multiplier lines on this game and have not seen the programmed incentive for doing this. The bonus round automatically gives the ability to multiply your winnings so I did not see the need to spend extra money playing line multipliers.

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