These are difficult times. The gig economy has made it more difficult for me to maneuver in this new environment. I used to do very well prior to the outbreak of the pandemic and in addition to my regular job as dental assistant, I had to pick up a night-time security position at a local machine production plant near my home. Most of the work is controlled by computers. There are employees in the daytime however, there are only me and 2 engineers work on the night time crew. I've got an emergency telephone number that I can dial in case there's an issue or machinery stops. I then contact engineers or outside line for additional engineers. I do not really do anything. There's no way they can create anything of value here. The night time guard is an unofficial switchboard attendant.However I like it. It's peaceful. I have a hard time sleeping at night due to the excessive release of gas and this isn't a problem. Nights are quite boring and I always try different things to make my speed of time pass faster. I've spent the last two weeks perfecting a routine I saw on Tik Tok. It's not hard but it's difficult for me to duplicate it. The dance was invented by a young girl from Tik Tok. I'm too old to understand the dance. I've been trying different car-fixing videos recently. I'm not able to apply them right away to my car, but I am fascinated by watching others create their vehicles to be unstoppable. DIY videos are also instructive and easy to follow. Then I ran into another problem. My internet stopped working soon enough that I was not able to view any content or use the internet in any other way. I was able to download Youtube videos onto my phone. So, now, even if internet speeds are slow, I can watch diy videos from my phone. It doesn't matter whether you stream it from a particular site or another online. If you download it from home and then view it on your mobile when you don't have internet access or any other type of online. It's as simple as DVR. My pure joy at streaming new episodes and films directly to my laptop is a testimony to the potential of television. My laptop is much more comfortable than my desktop and has superior speakers. I just signed up for HULU and am now have Netflix, and both of them allow you to download their apps and instead of watching some movie you can save the movie for download, then forget about it, and in a few hours, based on the length of the show and quality choices you choose, the video will be saved to your device and you can watch at any time without internet access. It takes only 15 minutes to stream TV and allows you to catch up on any episodes that you didn't catch last night.There are many informative or interesting material at home, which you can carry with you when working. This makes the time go by quicker. YouTube?'s self-improvement workshops are an excellent source. But, again it's not easy to sit through a one-hour video and stay on top of the information they're presenting. This is what I mean. Are you aware of what I'm talking about? Sometimes, I bring my son to work with me. This is due to the fact that my wife works her night shift, which makes it challenging for us to be at home with the child. So I take him along with me, place him near the computer screens where I can monitor my own work and in a matter of minutes, he's asleep.. When he wakes up and I get him my laptop with some music videos and he's enjoying the show. This is the way we can get along better with each other, when we are doing our own thing. He seems to really enjoy being with me, perhaps due to the fact that he is all night, isn't it what kids want sometimes?<img width="425" src="">

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