After entering November, the winter in Northeast China officially kicked off, and our heating life began. The temperature outside the window is very low, but the temperature in the room is very warm. Children wear short sleeves at home all day and run around barefoot. At this time, I often make light, non greasy and nutritious food for children. Especially in winter, it is important to supplement high-quality protein and calcium. At ordinary times, dietary supplement is healthier than medication supplement, which is conducive to human absorption.Tofu must be famous for its high protein and calcium content. The content of calcium is three times that of milk. In addition to high-quality protein and calcium, it is also rich in vitamins, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients. Its nutritional value is comparable to meat, eggs and fish. It is good for your body to often eat bean products. Today, we share very popular food at home. In order to enrich the taste and nutrition, it is matched with wormwood and tofu. Although the material is relatively simple, cooking is good in nutrition and face. Always eat gourd is not fat! Now, please share this delicious food with you and let your family taste it when you have time. Shakespeare.

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