When colon cancer comes, you will first experience four abnormal symptoms! Doctor: please don't ignore it because you have a stomachacheColorectal cancer is one of the malignant cancers that affect people's life. Clinically, it is divided into colon cancer and rectal cancer, which is similar to many diseases that easily cause abdominal pain. Therefore, early diagnosis is easy to be misdiagnosed and missed. When the symptoms are obvious, it is already the advanced stage of colorectal cancer.Worldwide, the incidence of colorectal cancer is increasing, increasing by about 2% every year, while in China, this figure has quadrupled to 4%. It can be seen how huge the number of people diagnosed with colorectal cancer every year in China.Therefore, the doctors warned that "before colon cancer comes, you must first experience four abnormal symptoms." the doctors warned: "if you find something in your body, don't think it's abdominal pain. It's better to check it earlier."Although the incidence rate of colorectal cancer is high, the early and middle stage of colorectal cancer can be treated. Even if the condition is serious, doctors can also remove part of the intestinal tissue by surgery, and try to restore the normal life of the patients. Advanced colorectal cancer may metastasize due to its high degree of development. If there is no metastasis, only artificial anus can be used, and fecal bags may be hung every day.Therefore, self diagnosis and early treatment of colorectal cancer are very important. The early symptoms of colorectal cancer are as follows1) persistent and severe abdominal painEveryone has the experience of abdominal pain. Most people will return to normal after cooking for a minute or two or excretion, but patients with colorectal cancer are completely different.The abdominal pain of patients with colorectal cancer is persistent and severe pain. Some patients with colorectal cancer lie on the ground due to abdominal pain, and diet obstruction is common. This is because the intestinal cancer oppresses and damages the peripheral nerves, resulting in persistent and severe pain.If this happens to you, please don't think you spent it in patience. Many people regard it as abdominal pain and choose to endure. As a result, they endure great things.2. Bloody stool

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