"Chrysanthemum is very tight", hemorrhoids operation recordsI am 30 years old and have been a "hemorrhoid youth" for 10 years. There has been almost no attack in the past ten years. I haven't defecated once. In times of pain, I sometimes buy external drugs from pharmacies, but there is no problem.The following are hospitalization records:On the morning of the 2nd, accompanied by the whole family, they sent everything needed for hospitalization to the hospital. When I got to the hospital, the doctor examined me and said I had to prepare for the operation. Then have an in-hospital operation. I paid in advance and signed something on the anesthesia statement. Then draw blood for blood test, do skin examination, arrange hospital bed, change patient's clothes (8 beds) - enema, and wait for operation.At about 10 o'clock, the nurse took me to the operating room on the fourth floor. (before that, my mood was very calm, neither afraid nor flinching.) I got on the operating table, and soon a doctor (the doctor who introduced me to anesthesia) came to inject drugs. The preoperative introduction said that there was a little pain during anesthesia. In fact, I didn't feel pain when I took the caudal anesthetic. I kept answering when the doctor heard that I didn't hurt. Ah, ah, ah.When I was carried to the corridor, my wife worried as soon as she saw me coming out, so I changed her face with a prank. Cheeks. So far, when writing this record, I remember that my wife was driven out of the operating room by the nurse and waited outside the operating room for an hour. I was very moved) she was locked in bed 8 at 12 noon. It was about an hour before and after the operation. At this time, the patient in my room, bed 9, was also preparing for surgery.Then the nurse asked me to lie on my side for four hours. The pain was relieved more than two hours after operation, with only slight feeling. After the first urination more than 4 hours after operation, the offspring were very relaxed.During this period, the nurse used the needle tube to pull out the tube many times. take temperature.

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