p>We've all heard that felines are among the most adorable, most mischevious and quirky animals ever Did you know, that in the past, in Egypt, they were associated with the goddesses Isis and Ba'at, which were often depicted in various artifacts and even mummified? Perhaps later, in the Middle Ages, cats were killed en masse since people were believed to be witches? Luckily, the feline genocide was ended by a medieval king of Wales Hyvel Dda who prohibited killing or hurting cats. illegal.</p><p>With so much of our and cat's past overlapping, it is only natural, that our feline companions have acquired a variety of symbolic meanings to them. While a cat that is black could be seen as an omen of bad luck, cats, in general, represent determination, freedom and intelligence. In case you're contemplating a new body art design A tattoo of a cat might be an ideal concept, since it is a symbol of many desirable qualities.</p><p>Cats aren't just a pet. From the beginning, it's been a symbol of grace and confidence. In the past, in Egypt, they had cat goddesses, and even mummified a few of them as humans do. Egyptians revere felines highly and even the slightest mistake can cause death penalty.</p><p>Cats have been symbolised throughout history. In the ancient times of Egypt they were referred to as "mau," were associated with goddesses Isis and Ba'at, and were often depicted in art and even mummified. In Greek times they were associated with beauty, purity, lust and the ability to deceive.</p><p>Modern cats are often linked to independence and have become symbols of rebellion. For https://mooney-ennis.technetbloggers.de/catattooe235 , South Korean law dictates that tattoos should only be carried out by doctors. To counter this, tattooists are beginning to have https://www.easyfie.com/read-blog/321616 as a form of protest.</p><p>Cats are frequently thought of to be the less-sister of dogs. This is because the whole species is gendered. cats and dogs are females as well, but it's time to acknowledge that cats are anarchist stars living their truth, doing what they like, and showing us the way. Everybody would like to be a feline.</p><p>The fascination that we have shared for centuries with cats seems less related to their usefulness or companionship, just like dogs, but rather their amazing, almost ethereal quality. The cats were gods. Cats are gods. We are attracted by their dazzling beauty. Even if they're just going to the neighbouring cat to scratch it, we think they have experienced more than we imagine. The night creatures are a law unto themselves and they've allowed us to believe we've cultivated them. We're sorry, but we did not. They are ours and not like the other.</p><p>Famous cat-owners - owner is a term often used in a light way - include Georgia O"Keefe, Henri Matisse, Dali, and Manet their artistic reputation is well-documented. Picasso was a dog-man but we'll leave him out.</p><p>Cat tattoos let us be humble, to realize that we are not deities and can even squawk at the deities who are feline. Maybe you have a pet cat, a tabby cat, or a pet that purrs when you rub his ears. Cats may be your favorite because they're elegant this is a possibility and is a valid one. Simple as that.</p><p>We've gathered a range of tattoo designs for our beloved pets. From simple tattoos to simple https://diigo.com/0m9wy2 s to realistic drawing ideas Here are a few examples.</p><img width="384" src="cat tattoos">

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