***Times: 10000 has been used up, please contact the developer***The 20-year-old man suffered from hemorrhoids and lost more than half of his blood. It's time to be vigilantWhen you were a child, you wanted to be an aspiring youth; When you grow up, you become a young man with "hemorrhoids".No, Xiao Sun, a 20-year-old college student, went on a hot search because of hemorrhoids.Because his daily life is extremely irregular and he likes to eat spicy and irritating food, Xiao Sun had bloody stool many times a year ago because of hemorrhoids, but the young man was hearty and dragged on. As a result, he fainted in the toilet because of severe anemiaHow did hemorrhoids come from? How to judge if you have hemorrhoids? What if hemorrhoids come to the door? Today, Shi Taijun will answer these questions for you.How did hemorrhoids come from?The etiology of hemorrhoids has not been completely determined, but there are mainly two theories: "varicose vein theory" and "anal pad downward theory".Varicose vein theory holds that the formation of hemorrhoids is mainly related to venous dilatation and congestion. Sedentary, pregnancy, constipation and other reasons will hinder the return of rectal vein, resulting in blood stasis and vasodilation to form hemorrhoids.The theory of anal pad downward movement refers to that the tissues and small muscles in the anal pad are relaxed and broken due to the destruction of pressure, and the anal pad loses support and moves downward to become hemorrhoids.

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