fixed companies and online corporations seeking to be recognized positioned and differentiated with their own identity in the vast sectors to which they belong. The first objective of the degree project is to define the function of this discipline in the political sphere, taking into account that it has been expanded in recent years and is becoming increasingly important in a world in which the notoriety of the name and publicity at the national are political assets of incomparable value. Political communication is a concept that allows us to understand the dissemination of information about a candidate, which will eventually influence his image. For its part, this has had a clear evolution, having take into account that in the political plane there were many limits caused by sex, race and religion. The parties facilitated the fidelity of the voters to an ideology, the government plans did not include social motivations or issues such as homosexuality and the death penalty. yes5 coffee1 coffee2 coffee3 coffee4 coffee5 coffee6 coffee7 coffee8 coffee9 coffee10 coffee11 coffee12 coffee13

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