img width="439" src="">Reflexology can be described as a hands-on alternative medicine which was developed in China. It relies on the pressure points in different regions of the body, including the feet and hands. It's also known as qi gong or acupressure. This method has been used for years. The principal purpose of reflexology is to ease pain and other symptoms using the trigger points located on the feet and hands.Reflexology, sometimes called qi gong , or finger pressure treatment, is an alternative medical treatment that involves the application of specific pressure to specific points on the hands and feet. In some cases it is utilized together with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) like acupuncture. Reflexology can be used combination with TCM or even as a replacement for it. You can accomplish this by pressing down certain reflex points on your feet or your hand.The foot massage is a special method. The foot massage involves a person lying on his back, holding his hands beneath his lower back and legs bent towards his knees. By gently pressing on certain reflex points, the therapist is able to improve circulation and circulation of energy in the body. If done properly the foot massage is able to relieve conditions such as high blood pressure, chronic pain constipation, colds and flu and insomnia, headaches, digestive issues, PMS, chronic fatigue, and many more.Reflexologists aren't experts in massages on the feet. It is suggested that you seek out a Reflexologist that is experienced in Reflexology massage. If you choose to employ a Reflexologist be sure that they've received sufficient experience. Reflexology Foot Massage is a relatively non-invasive treatment. It is essential to discuss any health concerns with your doctor prior to you start your treatment.Reflexology massage can be used to reduce tension or pressure in specific areas of the foot or hand. But, there are reflexologists that specialize in treating conditions related to the feet and hands, such as Reflexology to treat Prenatal Health. Prenatal massage assists the baby's hands and feet to learn the skills necessary to take care of themselves and avoid any potential problems for the baby's future.Reflexology is an integrative approach which addresses the whole person, not only the symptoms. The reflexologist can help strengthen the body's immune systems by employing various methods. Furthermore during the Reflexology session it is possible for a reflexologist to enhance the overall effect of conventional and complementary therapies like Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine, for example is focused on the enhancement of body, mind and soul.Reflexology can aid in improving the health of a patient through the relief of various conditions. Reflexologists can treat many conditions according to their expertise. These include migraine headaches and chronic headaches along with foot and knee pain, heartburn, as well for skin disorders such as the eczema or psoriasis. Additionally, Reflexology can help improve people's overall well-being as well as energy levels and general mood. This type of treatment can also boost a person's immune system through targeting various pressure points found throughout the body. Massaging the neck, neck back, neck, knees, shoulders, elbows and shoulders can assist.It is worth noting that there is no concrete evidence to support the effectiveness of Reflexology. Many practitioners are of the opinion that Reflexology is beneficial to certain individuals. There are even those who say that during a Reflexology session some points that are located in the hands and feet of the client may react to gentle pressure. As a result, it is possible that Reflexology can affect energy pathways and enhance overall health.

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