Financial Analyst. Corporate Secretary. Compliance Counselor. Broker Dealer Registration Services for all these positions is provided by MAH Advising, a division of Morgan Stanley & Co. One of the best benefits that comes with the registration is getting your name included in the firm's regulatory archives.A Broker Dealer is not a small business organization. There are certain official procedures to be followed when it comes to broker-dealer registration. It is also very important to follow certain rules when it comes to the maintenance of proper financial records. MAH Advising can assist you with any of these requirements you might have.Apart from all these formalities, there are certain other factors that are required to be considered before going for a Broker Dealer Registration Services. Before taking any formal action, it is advised that you contact an appropriate legal professional for expert guidance. is known to have a complete set of industry-related knowledge. and expertise of the Broker Dealer are backed by strict industry regulations and norms.You can make use of the services of a reputable regulatory compliance consulting firm who can guide you about various aspects of brokering business. These firms are experts in ensuring that brokering activities are conducted in a lawful manner and this helps them to serve their clients in the best possible manner. MAH Consulting also ensures that clients are provided with complete access to regulatory compliance consultants.Once you are able to find a suitable MAH Compliance consultant, it is time to look for a suitable Broker Dealer Registration Services. Since the internet has made it easy for people to reach out to several vendors offering Broker Dealer Registration Services, it is advisable to conduct a thorough online research before choosing a particular Broker Dealer Registration Services. Some of the popular Broker Dealer Registration Services include: Broker Dealer Association of America (BDA), American Broker Dealers Association (ABDA), and National Association of Broker Dealers (NAR). All these entities to ensure that all the work they perform is in compliance with applicable governmental and regulatory requirements.It is important to note that there are two main types of brokers and these are general dealers and specialized dealers. General dealers undertake regular transactions and meetings with the public and cater to retail customers; whereas specialized brokers undertake limited transaction scope and deal with only those people who are interested in their services. Many Broker Dealer Registration Services provides assistance to dealers in preparing Broker Dealer Disclosure Documents; however it is the duty of each broker dealer to prepare and submit these documents on his/her own. The submission of Broker Dealer Disclosure Document is compulsory before the Broker Dealer Register is filled.All the brokering activities are carried out by the registered brokers in accordance with the rules, regulations and guidelines imposed by the competent authorities. Brokerage firms also have to comply with various other rules, acts, policies, and directives of the Government. Brokerage firms therefore, play a major role in providing a transparent and fair environment for brokering. However, the obligation of every Broker does not end here. Brokerage firms must continue to uphold high standards of client satisfaction, compliance to Government policies and directives, and conduct themselves in a professional and reputable manner.

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