personality psychology has genuinely been meant to be a area for a long term even before christ. this is also observed in historic mythological literature , which presents information that drama actors regularly use makeup or masks to painting other characters or conceal their own identities. this method became later named by way of the romans with the time period character . from the word personalitythe phrase persona itself may be interpreted as the presence of someone via an identification that doesn't replicate himself. as a substitute, the drama actors want to create a deep affect for the target market, however do no longer go away an impact about the drama actor itself but an impact at the individual he plays. the time period character then got here to call the actors themselves, who have been formerly only a function however should emerge as a degree call that made the actors other items or nature around us which have traits, humans as social beings also can be recognized for their behavioral traits. to differentiate the characteristics of the real behavior of drama actors and the behavior of the characters they play, philosophers are finally interested by analyzing human behavior through numerous research.the history of personality psychology [3] advanced around the 18th century, when psychology became a legitimate and recognized subject, then character psychology additionally developed into one of the branches of the area.

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