Nuts are the essence of plants and are of high nutritional value. It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, protein and fat, which is beneficial to health, can promote children's growth and development, enhance physique, and effectively prevent and treat a variety of diseases. For thousands of years, different nuts have been very nutritious. And the most nutritious nuts. Please have a look.1. ProteinProtein is the basis of life. All cells, tissues and organs of the body are inseparable from protein. Protein is not only involved in the synthesis of enzymes, antibodies and hormones, but also the raw material for the synthesis of immune factors. It helps to accelerate the production of chemical reactions, regulate body functions and fight diseases. Nuts contain a lot of protein, especially pumpkin, hazelnut and almond, but the quality of amino acids in protein is not high.2. VitaminsB vitamins are involved in the production of various enzymes. Vitamin E is an indispensable substance of B vitamins in carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism. It has antioxidant function. Pumpkin has the highest content of vitamin B1, walnuts are rich in vitamin E and almonds are rich in vitamin B2.

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