PRE ENGINEERED STEEL BUILDING PEB Pre-engineered buildings are buildings being pre-fabricated in a factory in accordance with the design specifications and they are shipped & erected at site, joined together using bolts. PEB (Pre-engineered Building) has made revolution in the construction market using built up sections in place of conventional hot rolled sections. A large column free area is the utmost requirement for any type of industry which is provided by PEB. The prefabricated structural members are usually “I” sections. The foundations of these buildings are the conventional concrete foundations to support the lighter super structure and to carry heavy loads. The floor of such buildings is also built of conventional concrete in certain cases. PEB concept involves the steel building systems which are pre designed and prefabricated. As the name itself indicates, there is involvement of pre engineering of structural elements.

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STEEL STRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION Structural Steel has evolved over the decades to be the building material of choice for everything from small residential homes to skyscrapers. When architects and contractors make the decision to use structural steel over other materials such as concrete or wood, they do so because of steel’s overwhelming benefits when compared to many other building materials. For freedom of design, the strength of integrity and ease of maintenance, structural steel is a smart choice.

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INDUSTRIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Industrial buildings are specifically designed to bear equipment loads and other process loads involved with an industry. We have a great background in industrial building construction with a well experienced team having worked with many projects overseas. Our team has experience working with power plant structures, process plant structures, marine structures and structures involved in oil and gas fields.

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