Theleno System Update is a utility program intended to automatically download and install all the latest security and performance updates (both Windows & Vista) for your Windows based laptop. This program offers the convenience of being able to manually select updates by clicking a single button. This tool allowed me to clean up my entire computer. I will show you how I did it. You'll learn:To manually run system upgrade on your Lenovo Update utility, you first need to disable the automatic download of the most recent security and performance updates. You can do this by going to your control panel and selecting Update Driver Option. You will see a button to disable updates which you can use for turning it off. If you have an operating system that uses the Windows sidebar drivers on your laptop, you will need to go to the BIOS and allow the use of these drivers.To see which drivers are installed on your computer, load a device manager. The most important device drivers for most computers are those related to audio codecs, and the graphics card. System update can be used to remove corrupt or out-of-date device drivers. If you have trouble with your OEM drivers, you can always use Windows Driver Helper to repair them.To perform a manual window 10 system update, you will need to scan your computer looking for missing or damaged driver files. To do this, open Device Manager to see all of your hardware devices. You should then inspect each device for missing or corrupt drivers. In some cases, such as with some USB devices, you might not be able to view all the devices, for example a printer. In these cases, it is recommended that you use Search to run a system lookup. This should give you all the relevant drivers.The fourth step to perform a system update is to decide whether you want to use the suggested, standard, or optional updates from Windows Registry cleaner tool. The recommended update is the one that offers the most options for a low price. If you only need to improve the performance of your most important software programs, then this update is recommended. If you are planning to do a complete system upgrade, you should use all the available updates from Windows Registry cleaner. are the most comprehensive updates available for your operating platform.Next, follow the recommended procedure to install all the latest system updates. Once the system update is complete, you can proceed with the upgrade of each model of your laptop. Just make sure that you leave all the available updates alone. This will ensure you have all the latest updates in place. That's it!

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