Recently, the State Administration of market supervision confirmed to the client reporter of Beijing Daily that the letter on investigating the illegal operation of "non old drugs" published by the State Administration of market supervision is true. This document makes it clear that nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) cannot be operated in the way of food production and operation in China, so it needs a comprehensive investigation.On January 20, Jin Dawei (002626, SZ), a leading stock in the concept of "elixir of immortality", fell sharply to close at 30.24 yuan / share, down 8.78%. Jin Dawei told reporters that the daily economic news has not received the relevant regulatory notice, and its NMN products are operated legally and in compliance. This incident has not affected the company's current production and operation.The discount price of 60 sheets is 1299 won. This is the current retail price of jindawei NMN in Ottawa.What is the magic of nm? Why is it so expensive?In its research on May 7, 2020, Great Wall Securities published a case report of Dr. Robert hueizanga, M.D. of Harvard University, which shocked the medical community. On the evening of the 12th day after diagnosis, the 55 year old Xinguan patient received NMN based cocktail treatment. After about 12 hours, the immune level increased by 85%. After 2 days, the typical symptoms such as fever, headache, chest sensitivity and fatigue improved significantly, and turned negative after about 10 days.

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