Having been a teenaged boy I can say a few things with conviction.

1. Teenaged boys do not want to talk about their dating/love/sex lives with their parents, particularly their mothers. At that age well intentioned inquiries feel like intrusions and have the effect of making the teenaged boy less likely to be open.

2. You are spot on about the car. It is extremely important at his age. Be very supportive about him getting a part time job and a summer job to pay for one. Having the car will do much for his happiness in many ways. Having a job at that age will help him mature and give him an advantage in many ways. Your support in him getting a car will be fondly remembered.


Twitter: dadshouseblog says: February 15, 2010 at 10:18 am My 17 year old daughter has teen boys and girls over all the time. She’s not dating at the moment, at least she hasn’t admitted it yet. And I’m not asking. I’m just glad she’s social and hanging out with good kids.

As for the parents role in all this? Be stable, supportive, a good listener. And be the occasional wallet. (Maybe that’s a dad/daughter thing.) dadshouse´s last blog ..How do Parents Keep in Shape When Kids Play Sports? My ComLuv? Profile


Twitter: kissnblog says: February 15, 2010 at 6:35 pm Mrs Wilder, your son has a girlfriend, and her name is Taylor.

Mrs Wilder.

That has a nice timbre. Wombat´s last blog ..Decisions, decisions. My ComLuv? Profile

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