Oh my goodness! She's PERFECT! What a little beauty! Congrats to you and the boyf - wow, new baby, new house, blog b'day - quite a week for you! :-D Rest up, and take care of yourself and that sweet little girl. We'll see you whenever. Hugs to all 3 of you! 12:16 PM Dan-E said... i haven't visited your site in a while so i'm completely in the dark about the back story leading up to this but no matter, congratulations!!! she is an amazing little beauty. best of luck with you little girl. 7:15 AM WDKY said... GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

Lots of love, and I expect to see you BOTH soon :-) 9:27 AM Nadz said... Congratulations on your babygirl,she's georgous.Loved your post ,what an experience to hear about. 8:05 AM fuzzywhitedogs said... She is absolutely beautiful! Bless your heart, you had to go through a lot to have her, but it was worth it! Enjoy! 5:16 AM

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