One of the most popular diet recipes of all time is the "Arroz moro" or Roasted Pepper and Mints. This dish is Mediterranean in style, and uses dried pepper and mint leaves to create a spicy, yet delectable treat. You'll taste the pepper, honey, and warm spices as you eat this meal, and will undoubtedly be impressed by the health benefits you will receive while enjoying your meal. This healthy Mediterranean diet recipe uses a variety of whole grains and nuts, which means you can stay full longer and eat less food. This recipe is not only healthy, but it tastes amazing as well.If pasta is more your thing, try a fresh, whole wheat pasta salad. features a zesty, bright green color and flavor from the chopped tomatoes and romaine lettuce. You'll enjoy the tangy flavor of the tomato and basil, as well as the crunchiness of the Romaine lettuce. To make the pasta salad even tastier, use whole wheat pasta instead of the pasta sauce. Use fresh, tossed beans and bell pepper to add variety to your pasta, and choose brown rice instead of white rice for the main grain version.Another great diet recipe for your next dinner party is an arugula salad. This light salad is colorful and spiced with garlic and rosemary. Serve with a piece of flat bread and some halved radicchio to make it even more tasty. If you want to dress up the salad a bit, toss in some walnuts and cream cheese for that added crunch. Diced tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, crumbled tortilla chips, and sliced cherry tomatoes are other good choices to top off this healthy Mediterranean salad.A traditional favorite of many Mediterranean meals is the soup. An example of this soup is the creamy Ziti medallion soup. This soup is made with radishes, onions, cherry tomatoes, and a can of tuna canned in water. Cook the soup on the stove, and then blend it with pasta, broth, and soup mix before serving. This soup is hearty and filling, perfect for any kind of diet, as long as you don't add excess sugar.Finally, for something different, try a salad with a spicy twist. Try a mango and avacados salad for a spicy recipe that is both sweet and sour at the same time. You can find recipes for this salad online. Another option is to go with an old stand by, fresh tomatoes, chopped onions, and a dab of lime juice over top. This tangy salad will have everyone asking you for the recipe.

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