http://Phosphatidylserine,Anti-Aging Core summary1. Chen Dawei, a listed company of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, touted anti-aging health products NMN (both - nicotinamide mononucleotide) and "brother" NR (nicotinamide ribose) as a new generation of elixir in the media. Li Jiacheng, the investment leader, made 10 million by joining chromadex. Pan Shiyi also vigorously promoted the health product basis with NR as the main component on his microblog.2. According to scientific research, NMN and NR are energy molecules that can be converted into coenzyme nad in vivo. Sinclair's team examined the mitochondrial stability and muscle health index of 22 month old rats and mice after feeding NMN for one week. The results showed that these indexes returned to the level of 6 months. But for people, not one capsule a day, at least 300 capsules (10 bottles) cost 1.2 million yuan a year.3. Clinical studies show that nad does increase after taking NMN and nitrate reductase, but the increasing effect is limited. In addition, the increase of NAD concentration does not mean that the life can actually be extended. So far, no one has eaten this healthy food, which prolongs their life.4. FDA certification is only a production site, not efficacy certification. NMN products sold in China are dietary supplements and cannot be called healthy food.What is the origin of Li Ka Shing's "blessing" youth elixir?Is there a rumor that a bottle of 1.5 million won TRC sells for only $47 on Amazon?China's novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia was released in mid July 2020, and new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Beijing were once again returned to zero. Importantly, China's stock market has deviated from the soaring momentum.The soaring stock market has four consecutive rising plates, which is the concept product of Chen Dawei, a company listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, claiming to be anti-aging health product NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide).NMN is called - nicotinamide mononucleotide and actually has brother NR (nicotinamide ribose). The media touted the brother as a new generation of elixir.Li Ka Shing "seems to be back to 20 years old" after taking chromadex NR health care products in 2017. In April 2017, he invested $25 million in chromadex through horizon ventures, an investment company. At that time, tru niagen, a health product Li Ka Shing was taking, was circulating on the Internet, costing 1.5 million yuan a year. But now the price of this health care product on Amazon. It's $47 per bottle. Com. According to the product manual, you can eat it for a month. Therefore, the annual expenditure is only about 4000 yuan. Maybe ishpelman used a custom gold bottle?

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