This is something I've have learned the hard and painful way. My mom was on my shoulder all week, telling me to prepare this and to keep that in mind. I was only able to share with her my excitement of going on my first camping trip with my children and her grandkids. But here she was all over my preparations puffing and puffing up with tips and directions for every scenario that could come up. I don’t mind my mom talking. But not listening to her lecture causes me to feel uncomfortable. It was a major error, as I've found out next day... or two..We left with our car and set off for the campsite. I was determined to recreate the same rustic experience as my father, so I chose one remote place that turned out be located in a huge zone that was not accessible to service. This meant that our smartphones were not available, and we were totally alone with no other campers. I don't blame them. I had hoped for an incredible day off from work, three days out in nature, with nature.. But , we were back in our cars on the way home, 24 hours after the camping trip began.What was the situation? We had nothing, had none of the internet, there were none of the bars and no money. I was carrying a laptop along with a few online games. It never made it out of my backpack. I had a nice backdrop I could use to entertain my children. They would check their emails, read their texts, keep up with school and so on. We packed up our bags and headed back because I couldn't bear it anymore. My kids created sounds that sounded like piglets enjoying delicious food. My kids are my favorite. But that was simply embarrassing. They squealed, and groaned when their phones started ringing and announcing incoming text messages and emails.<img width="372" src="">Since then, I've been more prepared and have tried to stay out of an area which doesn't permit roaming. But this one time we went on a long cruise to our destination, there I needed my best friends from the past two tablets and a laptops stuffed with Hulu offline video downloads on oneand Netflix films and TV shows on the second, and laptop has all the music videos, music and some big movies I've downloaded for later watching with both Hulu and Netflix apps, which are available on the Windows app store. I have 600 hours of content, which includes the full seasons of Will & Grace, Friends, South Park and other episodes.There are tons of videos children will love. I downloaded music videos from Youtube and converted them to formats like mp3 and mp4 to listen and watch. I found this web app that lets me download videos directly to my laptop. This lets me watch the videos offline anytime I want as long as I have power. I DVR a lot shows, movies, and just online lectures and so on., so I save them in the format mp4 on my laptop. Then, I am able to play them using VLC/KMP or other software that supports video files.Another thing that I insist upon is 4k. Have you ever seen? It's amazing! I would highly recommend. Televisions with 4K picture support come with incredible software that improves and processes the picture. The TV converts old footage into something much better. Girls and boys alike will enjoy it!

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