Hong Yonghong hemorrhoids explosion "bloody bed sheet" sharp knife! Expose four very dangerous races.Wang Hong Yonghong of Jingu was taken to hospital because of hemorrhoids rupture and blood stained sheets. (image / / pixel tray)Jingu's Wang Hong Yonghong recently released a new album. Unexpectedly, when making an album, he buried his head in the computer and hurried to eat all day. As a result, he suddenly had acute hemorrhoids. His wife Zhang Lingyun said that the affected area was swollen like an egg and the whole sheet was covered with blood. Due to the inconvenience of overseas medical treatment, he had to bring sanitary napkins to first aid, or buy adult diapers. According to statistics, the incidence rate of hemorrhoids in Taiwan is 86%. The doctor realized that the four men were dangerous.According to the statistics of provincial hospitals, the probability of hemorrhoids in Taiwan Province reaches 86%! Peng Jiyan, director of surgery of Dachuan hospital, explained in the program health 2.0 that Hong Yonghong's situation is likely to be "acute thrombotic hemorrhoids". This is a common surge of hemorrhoids. Some patients were taken to hospital because of coma.When it comes to the causes of hemorrhoids, wind-induced inflammation says "chronic constipation" is the most common. Taiwanese like to eat meat. Insufficient cellulose, fruits and vegetables, dry and hard feces, long toilet time, increased anal pressure, and hemorrhoids. Patients with irritable bowel syndrome will increase anal pressure, become a group prone to hemorrhoids, and sometimes have diarrhea. Pregnant women, obese people, sedentary and lack of exercise, and people with high abdomen are prone to hemorrhoids.Doctors say these four kinds of people are "hemorrhoids risk groups". Did you win? (provide image / health 2.0)).Jiang Kun, vice president of Minsheng hospital, pointed out that hemorrhoids can be divided into four levels. Primary hemorrhoids are usually not felt, but due to their location in the anus, occasional stool bleeding occurs. Secondary hemorrhoids occur occasionally during defecation, but will shrink back automatically. Grade III hemorrhoids during defecation must be pressed with external force.Jiang kunjun said that grade IV hemorrhoids are generally the most serious. Hemorrhoids completely come out of the anus and can't be pushed back. Further thrombosis can cause pain and bleeding, and the patient will be very uncomfortable. Among grade 4 hemorrhoids, grade 1 hemorrhoids can also be self cured through self-management, grade 2 hemorrhoids can use internal hemorrhoid ligation therapy, and surgical treatment is recommended for grade 3 and 4 hemorrhoids.In order to effectively improve the gastrointestinal tract and solve constipation, nutritionist Li Wanping suggested that you can eat hard fiber and soft fiber. For example, the skin of an apple is hard fiber and the pulp is soft fiber, which helps to keep the intestine unobstructed. In addition, appropriate supplementation of probiotics can also improve gastrointestinal problems. It is also best to eat "probiotics" when choosing probiotics. For example, eating glucose and oligosaccharides can help bacteria grow.

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