I'm not sure what country you're from or what era. I'm a member of generation Xand borderline generation Y. I was rural in rural regions. My first night out with friends was on a New Years night when I was 20years old. I went to too many uppers and downers to remember anything at all. But, my friends told them they had a fantastic night. This was my first time or more of a baptism dipping my whole self into the clubs and nightlife. And then I was hooked. I wasn't enthralled by the trappings of the nightlife, but the reality of the night.. I moved from club to club for a long time. Remember the tune "Who's going to drive me to the aftershow?" This was me. I walked out of the club in the morning to get an aftershow ride.On some days, we didn't sleep at all. We were full and bursting with life. Our bodies were filled with youthful energy. We quit the BOO party, went to Central Park and walked around. I still remember washing my face with antiperspirant from head to toes and sweating heavily for hours.. https://www.openlearning.com/u/turannikolajsen-r3f27a/blog/OutdoorCampingIsAGreatOpportunityToBondWithMyLovedOnesButTechnologyIsAlwaysAGreatIdea It was recorded as a video by my friends. It was a surprise to me when it was deleted and I discovered that there was a party sound recording which was claimed by some label, etc., and you can now be sure not to add any music into youtube videos. We didn't know that back then. I'm aware of 2conv, my amazing site that for free offers to download videos from Youtube and convert them into mp4 or mp3 file on your laptop or macbook. It can be used with smartphones. All I have to do to obtain the URL of the video is send it to 2conv. It was way too late and I needed to get in touch with the 5 years that I had not spoken to anyone in our group. It was worth it in the end we had a pleasant conversation.Everybody has to be aware not to include anything possibly claimable in their videos or soundtracks.. You could be held accountable if you make use of someone else's work or similarity. You may also be accused of saying you made money by fabricating the video.<img width="320" src="https://www.softfully.com/pics/jdownloader.png">

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