There are not many people who recognize CMAX SOCKS, however CMAX SOCKS has actually constantly delighted in a high reputation in the global knitting industry. Since its facility in 1994, Zhejiang CMAX SOCKS has actually been committed to ingenious research and development, and also continually boosting production info as well as automation. It generates more than 200 million sets of medium as well as premium socks each year. It is among the biggest cotton socks producers worldwide and the just one in China. A provided company in the leg wear industry. Each year, more than 90% of CMAX SOCKS items are exported to Japan, Europe and Australia. Jiang Feng stated: "Ensuring quality, preserving innovation, as well as ensuring efficiency are the keys." According to him, the fabric industry is a labor-intensive industry and also is very sensitive to modifications in labor prices. As early as 2012, CMAX took the lead in carrying out the "maker replacement" approach in China, proactively reinforcing the building and construction of clever factories, as well as taking on a multitude of informationized and smart operation modes in production equipments and manufacturing monitoring, properly improving production performance and product high quality, The yearly financial investment in the automation and also knowledge of the assembly line is not less than 1.5 million yuan.Jiang Feng offered an instance at the scene: "Like this manufacturing line, we can deduct more than 9.6 million yuan in tax obligation for the purchase of equipment and equipment, and also an extra deduction of about 15 million yuan for research study and growth expenditures. For this item alone, we directly minimize the tax obligation burden by 110 In April this year, the value-added tax rate was reduced. In addition, the preferential criterion for business income tax obligation has been kicked back, the price of reduction for R&D expenses has raised, as well as the export tax discount Accelerated efficiency and also these special tax obligation policies have made the firm's resources procedure healthier." A strong nation, favorable plans, and also a relaxed setting. For business, it is the right time as well as area as well as the people." CMAX Zhang Maoyi was really psychological. of expedition has actually been going strong for 25 years. Currently, we have actually broken out of our very own globe, and also the entire world feels the heat of "Chinese Socks"." In order to proactively reply to the national "One Belt One Roadway" initiative, 2014 In May, CMAX SOCKS Vietnam manufacturing facility began. In five years, CMAX has actually spent more than US$ 150 million in Vietnam, as well as the yearly outcome of cotton socks has gotten to 110 million pairs. Compared to the domestic production ability of 170 million sets, Zhang Maoyi's goal of "creating a CMAX in Vietnam" has actually been accomplished.Zhang Maoyi claimed: "CMAX started in SHANGHAI and also grew from a small textile manufacturing facility to a listed company. It can not be separated from the support of the state, policy support, and tax. We need to bring more'Made in China' Chinese aspects to the market. All over the globe, this is not just the obligation of the business, however additionally my obligation as a Chinese entrepreneur."At the manufacturing base of Zhejiang CMAX SOCKS Co., Ltd., the machine grumbling. "This manufacturing line was introduced and put right into manufacturing last year, with a day-to-day result of 100,000 sets of cotton socks. Given that its facility in 1994, Zhejiang CMAX SOCKS has actually been devoted to ingenious research and also development, and continuously boosting production details as well as automation. As early as 2012, CMAX took the lead in implementing the "device substitution" strategy in China, proactively enhancing the construction of smart factories, and embracing a large number of informationized and also intelligent procedure settings in manufacturing equipments and also manufacturing monitoring, effectively boosting manufacturing effectiveness as well as product quality, The annual financial investment in the automation and knowledge of the manufacturing line is not much less than 1.5 million yuan.Contrasted with the domestic manufacturing capacity of 170 million sets, Zhang Maoyi's objective of "producing a CMAX in Vietnam" has actually been achieved.

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