Family, here comes the skin.In order to better meet the requirements of many iron discs, recently there was news that asked me to carefully observe the background. Sure enough, everyone began to resist the uneasiness of the route. Shakespeare.What is skin aging?Due to the influence of internal and external factors, the collagen and elastin produced by the skin are reduced, the reticular structure of the whole dermis is damaged, and the skin is no longer loose and elastic. The cuticle and dermis have become thinner, but the cuticle and stimulating layer covered on them have not changed. Without the support of the former, the latter will wrinkle.On the other hand, the functions of sebaceous glands and sweat glands also begin to decline, so the skin will become dry with age.Skin aging can be divided into endogenous and exogenous.Skin aging is usually divided into endogenous and exogenous.Endogenous aging is closely related to heredity, which is inevitable and irresistible.External aging is mainly caused by a series of reasons such as sunshine, environment, pollution, inflammation and living habits, which can be prevented as soon as possible.The most important reason for skin aging is photoaging. Because bad sunscreen will happen, the most important thing is not to prevent sunburn and sunburn, but to prevent "sunburn".The skin is dark and uneven, mostly caused by spots, wrinkles, dryness and photoaging.Several ingredients of skin care products for aging skin-A bottle of wineAlcohol, also known as retinol, is part of the vitamin a family. It is mainly converted into acetic acid, which plays an anti-aging role. It can not only promote the repeated renewal of skin cutin, but also make the skin more delicate and soft, accelerate the generation of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and play the effect of weakening fine lines.However, a alcohol also has fatal disadvantages, high irritation and easy oxidation, so there are few brands that can do well now.polypeptideIt contains a variety of amino acids as one of the fixed components of anti-aging. Know that amino acids are an important part of natural moisturizing factors. Due to its good moisturizing properties, peptides can also supplement moisturizing skin.In addition, it can penetrate into the cuticle of the skin, improve cutin metabolism, promote collagen activity, alleviate dry skin, and make muscles thin and dry. However, there are some disadvantages. The ingredients are mild, but the effect is slow. It belongs to "Immortality".-NicotinamideNicotinamide has always been regarded as one of the representative components of balancing skin color, but it is actually a versatile player with excellent ability in air routes. High concentration of nicotinamide can promote the production of collagen and delay skin aging. In addition, it can also reduce the water loss of the skin and prevent the occurrence of dry lines.Early use of nicotinamide will lead to drug resistance in many people, which basically requires a long-term process to establish drug resistance.Persian particlePersians also have a high position in the aviation industry and have many representative products. The glycogen mixture extracted from beech sugar will affect the secretion of gag (also known as glycosaminoglycan and glucosamine), protect the skin from water loss and stimulate the production of collagen.However, the effect of Baosi granules must wait patiently. Compared with a alcohol and nicotinamide mentioned above, this is a "thick hair" type.Evaluation of five anti-aging productsThe essence of poetry and thread carvingReference price: 680 yuan / 30ml

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