Hello, my name is Emmanuelle and I'm an English teacher in the tiny French town Lisette. It's in the South, which means we have only one class per school year. Sometimes we also mix classes from different classes. The issue is not the difficulties. Our school is one the least attended in our district. They would like it to be significantly more popular and for every child to travel to the district's center school. They will guarantee me continued employment at a higher wage if school closes. I'm ok with that.<img width="384" src="https://savemp3.cx/img/savemp3-cx-long.png">We will continue to learn in the meantime. The best thing we do is to pick the most popular videos available on Youtube and try to translate them into our own language. It's not easy because sometimes we encounter inappropriate language, slang or the occasional slur. We often skip these and instead choose to use other languages. There are times when it's reports from celebrities, sometimes TV shows and actors, celebrities. Other times it's country music, rap starts and rap or country music. The celebrities are always open to the public. I noticed that we were frequently getting into trash talk and decided to make videos at home. I filter them out however, I also select videos that have interesting content and more details. https://drawpigeon55.doodlekit.com/blog/entry/19124654/take-a-relaxing-flight-or-train-ride-to-work-using-video-podcasts-and-publically-accessible-training-sessions- Additionally, we don't have wifi in school, as we are far from the main towers and often plans to view Youtube videos don't work due to that fact also.Therefore, I began downloading videos from Youtube prior to the lesson, which allowed me to easily prescreen the language in the video, as well as increase overall usefulness and information of the entire piece and if the video isn't useful, I save it, and if it's not, I delete it and proceed to the next. Sometimes I download 10 to 15 videos to use during the lesson. It is also free of advertisements. I don't wish for my children to be exposed to any advertisements I've watched at home. They could be privacy infringers. I have gathered around 1.5 to 2 hours of videos, and I knew I'd only use the half. Children are cruel. Certain videos they dislike and others they love.My process is simple. When I've located the videos I wish to download I add them to a playlist that I keep private. Then I simply paste the URL to one or two of the sites I've come across. Converto is the first one and then Y2mate. If none of these work the first time, I'll try 2conv. The third option is the most popular, as it is sometimes compatible with German videos. It doesn't love playlists, however, so it's often the last thing I try. Converto is ideal for making playlists of video. It provides all videos and suggests downloading original videos one by one or convert them into mp3/mp4 format. Converto can be used in various languages and is totally secure.The second one I would recommend is Y2mate. However, sometimes it is my first choice. While it's not an issue, it is annoying that there are so many redirects, advertisements, full screen banners, and other distractions. It's very commercial and difficult to use, and constantly distracts you from popups. Similar to 2conv, but they appear more like static banners, and are consequently more attractive. Translations are also available for other languages, however they are less popular than the other. It is a safer option but they're still packed with risk and could be malware if you decide to take anything they offer to advertising, so be careful when you decide to use them. They provide fewer websites from which you can download video and convert it into MP3 or MP4, but this does not mean they're not capable.In the end, I prefer to work alongside more famous people instead of newer sites. They have demonstrated their survival abilities, and they are able to survive in spite of constant scrutiny from authorities, labels, Big Sound, and such. I like it when I am confident that the site I want to use will be available. It works perfectly so I returned to Youtube. I strongly recommend it.

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