***Times: 10000 has been used up, please contact the developer***Characteristics of female hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids are normal tissue hyperplasia formed by hyperemia, expansion, flexion of submucosal vascular plexus around anus and rectal end, and proliferation, relaxation, fracture and downward movement of fibrous connective tissue around blood vessels and vascular groups.Compared with men, the incidence of hemorrhoids in women is higher, and the shape, nature, scope, distribution, cause and condition of hemorrhoids are more different.Women are prone to connective tissue hyperplasia and external hemorrhoids, and more women have vegetative hyperplasia in the direction of anus near perineum.In women, mucosal prolapsed internal hemorrhoids are common. Internal hemorrhoids covered with pink mucosa prolapse from the anus, and some even have mucous membrane damage and secretions.In women, among pregnant women, circular distribution of connective tissue, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids are common.In women, the anal papilla is multiple, and the anal papilla is easy to proliferate and increase. If it comes out after defecation, it needs to be pushed back to the anus by hand, which is easy to damage the anal canal and produce anal fissure. Moreover, the anal papilla is stimulated to proliferate quickly, with different shapes, some of which are even the size of eggs.In women, anal fissure is easy to occur, which causes sentinel hemorrhoids hyperplasia at the same time. Many sentinel hemorrhoids in the front and back of the anus proliferate, and subcutaneous anal fistula will also occur due to anal fissure infection.

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