How to distinguish between hemorrhoids and anal fissure? How is anal fissure treated?Although there are diseases, the specific types of diseases cannot be judged, so relevant examinations can be carried out.Many people make their own judgment and blindly confuse. Some diseases will cause similar confusion, threaten health under wrong circumstances, and diseases stubbornly affect many people.Hemorrhoids and anal fissure are common anorectal diseases. They may have similar symptoms in the initial stage, but the prognosis of the two diseases is different. It is necessary to understand the identification methods of the two diseases, make reasonable adjustment and restore health.1. Hemorrhoids performance.It belongs to anorectal disease. During the onset, patients can find tumors around the anus, which can be divided into internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids and other types. With the aggravation of hemorrhoids, local pain and abscess become softer and softer, and the pain becomes worse in severe cases.During defecation, hemorrhoids are oppressed by anal excreta, causing massive bleeding. There is bright red blood on the excrement, it is easy to get wet around the anus, and the skin itching is a common feature of hemorrhoids.2. Anal fissure performanceThe pain of patients with anal fissure is more obvious than hemorrhoids, and the local pain is obvious, so most of them dare not defecate. With the passage of time, the possibility of constipation also increases.However, constipation accompanied by anus is becoming more and more serious, some wounds can not heal normally, repeated wound injury and bleeding, and anus atrophy.

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