eTouch Systems, maker of SamePage, the world's easiest to use enterprise wiki, today announced and shipped SamePage 3.5, with an interface that supports foreign languages. The first languages available will be French and Polish but virtually any language can be provided for a customer upon request. The new version is now shipping and will be demonstrated this week, at the Web 2.0 Expo, Long Tail Pavilion booth 18, in Moscone Center, San Francisco.Large multinational organizations can now provide different language user-interfaces to employees spread across different geographical units. The Internationalized version will be available for both On-Demand as well as On-Premise customers. All of SamePage’s navigation menus, links and messages can be made available in any language."Today all business on the web is global business – a multi-lingual interface is integral to our customers’ ability to do business and for worldwide teams to collaborate. We are also seeing increasing adoption of enterprise wikis in Europe and Asia.” said Anirudha Gadre, CEO of eTouch Systems. "The prominent IT research organization Gartner Group predicts that 50% of all enterprises worldwide will be using wikis by 2009, so there is tremendous room for growth in the global wiki market."The SamePage wiki has already gained global adoption in several enterprise market segments including technology providers, online businesses, research/education institutions and local and U.S. government agencies including Alcatel-Lucent, NASA, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Citrix, Hestia, Teradyne, Siemens, NY State Unified Court System and strategic partners like Cisco/WebEx.

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