p> Especially when there are four drones, and a permit has been issued for only two - Inspire 1 and Phantom 3. For the police officers, accustomed to having everything accounted for in the papers, this transgression means only one thing: a ban on entering the zone. A helicopter doesn’t need to be stopped anywhere, and the drones arouse the suspicions of police immediately upon entering the zone. Except, perhaps with two fewer drones. The Joker was transported with great difficulty by helicopter to the roof of the power plant, where it was to start work. Of course, I could not miss taking time to visit places I had either never been to before or where I had been long ago. Właściwie one before them had ever worked in such highly radioactive conditions. https://szkolnapomoc24.pl/artykul/415/charakterystyka-tkanek-zwierzecych included such basic models as 5532, and more advanced OPA2132, also the aforementioned Bursons. Comprehensive information and more pictures of the Rosocha helicopters can be found in the photo-reportage from December 2012 THE HEROES OF A NONEXISTENT COUNTRY.</p><p> After more than 2 years, I was able to get permission to again enter the area of the disposal site for low- and medium-level radioactive waste in Buriakivka. You can, for example, fly inside buildings, producing images that cannot be done with even the best slider or jib. You can see me at the top of the fifth pole from the left. Controlling the drone from the top of the antenna. And, most importantly: a drone crashing when taking some complicated shot will not result in the loss of life, but at the most a little money. With me in the zone is Phil, who fans of Alone in the Zone will know from the aerial takes used in the film. In this way, I got to film a vast area that has recently been destroyed by fire. However, at the very beginning of the work, one of the caterpillars was struck by a fragment of graphite and the robot got stuck.</p><img width="434" src="http://www.publio.pl/files/product/big/a4/54/07/84211-sprawdziany-jezyk-polski-srodowisko-klasa-ii-beata-guzowska-1.jpg?v=351434"><p> Working only with the aid of shovels and sometimes only with their hands, they cleared the roof of the power plant of rubble, graphite and other remnants of the reactor. Many people were weakened during this task, experiencing nosebleeds and later had health problems for the rest of their lives. I found the yacht club completely at random while looking for a suitable place in Pripyat where I could launch and fly out to the cranes. https://tekstyeduszkolne.pl/artykul/1319/charakterystyka-porownawcza-quo-vadis is also where the wreckage of the helicopters from Rosocha were transported. For this reason, nearly 4,000 people were needed to complete the task. But these robots, which were constructed on zaś lunar rover chassis, were only suitable for removing the less radioactive and rubble-covered parts of the roof (zones K and N). It is estimated that 10% of the roof was cleaned by robots, and the remaining 90% by human hands.</p><p> It has been calculated that they could only work on the roof for a maximum of 2 minutes, and in particularly radioactive places only for a few dozen seconds. It was planned for the most radioactive region (zone M) to be cleaned up using German technology, the whimsically named Joker robot. The same bans. Using a drone makes all these problems disappear. It necessitated the use of people, who exposed themselves to high radiation as they had to pull out the robot using a hand wrench. As a reward for the work they had done, they received a certificate along with thanks and wishes for good health and long life. Thanks to this configuration, Phil can concentrate on piloting the drone and I exclusively on filming. A film about crashing drones might not be a half-bad idea; by the time the shots are completed both Phil and Paul also crash their drones.</p>

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