The subject of innovation is treated in various articles. For general treatment, see innovation, history of; hand device. For depiction of the materials that are both the item and methods for controlling nature, see elastomers; modern earthenware production; mechanical glass; metallurgy; mineral store; mineral preparing; mining; plastic. For the age of vitality, see vitality change; coal mining; coal usage; oil creation; oil refining. For treatment of nourishment creation, see agribusiness, history of; horticultural financial matters; beekeeping; lager; oat cultivating; espresso; business!ku55437/, standard skirt worn by female ballet performers, comprising of four or five layers of silk or nylon laces; the skirt is appended to a smooth fitting bodice. (Initially tutu assigned a short, trouserlike underskirt worn under an artist's ensemble.) The model of the Romantic tutu, stretching out to inside around 12 inches (30 cm) of the floor, was presented during the 1830s by Marie Taglioni. The tutu progressively was abbreviated until, by the 1880s, the entire leg was unmistakable. Both the Romantic and the short tutu are worn in contemporary expressive dance. angling; dairy cultivating; refined soul; nourishment protection; natural product cultivating; animals cultivating; poultry cultivating; soda pop; tea; vegetable cultivating; wine. For the methods of development innovation, see connect; building development; trenches and inland conduits; dam; harbors and ocean works; beacon; streets and roadways; passages and underground unearthings; natural works. For the production and structure of the methods for transportation, see aeronautic trade; car industry; transport development

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