As for telling if a woman is a psycho, you can’t really. Any woman can turn psychotic if she’s attached to you enough. You really can’t predict things like this if the girl isn’t already obviously psychotic.

Yo I just found ur blog and I wanna know......

April 2007 entry.... "She doesn't wanna be considered that way, and says she doesn't do anything with guys on the first night. Yet, I have managed to reframe her mind...she changes her views. As not to detract from this story, I'll leave the details out, but if you wanna know how I did it, message me."


Im black as well and im from philly.... any tips on philly game? and how do u game hood chicks..... pua stuff doesnt work on them and i know ur a natural, but i am not so any tips

A story from 2 years ago? I’ve written about nearly 300 of my outings, so you can’t really expect me to remember the exact details of a night that took place so long ago. In short, if I remember correctly, I believe that I gave her the whole bit about only living once, taking more risks, and not judging people just because they want sex.

As for the whole Philly thing, I’ve never been there. That, and I don’t fuck with hood rats. They’re more trouble than they’re worth. However, you might want to check out the Mode One and Zenmack stuff (links on the sidebar).

Do you believe that it's a bad idea to do cold approaches with girls at a University? I know most people in college don't like venturing outside of their comfortable social circles. How would you go about talking to a girl who isn't apart of your social circle in college? A lot girls at my school seem kind of stuck up and unapproachable. What are some good ways to break the ice?

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