I'd like to share with you a story that occurred to me on a vacation that I went on a cruise ship through the Arctic. It sounded amazing, National Geographic trip through the ice and back , with Polar bears and other animals. It would be ice wherever eyes could see and snow everywhere. Man-made machinery was set to battle the elements, and cut through the frozen northern desert. It sounded like an immense task, a huge fight with the weather and the pole.I was advised to carry the most technologically advanced equipment I could in my suitcases. I did take my laptop with me and also put in a larger display to expand the space. The staff assured me that the electricity was not an issue. I wasn't sure what was in store for me. I did not realize that I'd be disconnected from my internet two days into my 14 day trip , and then disappear from Earth for the next 10 days. It was a complete shock to me when it happened. Any trip, no matter how complicated or remote, result in me to become disconnected from the technological world. I did not plan the time off, and not only did I have an unfinished project that I needed to attend to during the coming week and I also had other tasks to accomplish.Nowadays, no one really cares about having to turn off their internet. Internet is everywhere. In the event that your home network is experiencing temporary issues, you'll be able to locate a nearby McDonalds? and use their free WiFi? connection to do what you want to do. You can bring your laptop to a Starbucks and make use of the WiFi? free connection to browse the Internet at your leisure. North of the border, there's no restaurant or cafe which can help you. You are a long way away from the closest electricity source. There isn't free internet anywhere. There are two options to get out in such circumstances. You could be offline or bring a satellite internet connection.I cannot afford a sat phone, it is too expensive, especially to use for Internet access. The next time I'll have an extensive collection of audio and videos before I venture out into the world of unknown. Last time I had 2 songs, both were mockingly downloaded earlier in the day and all I was able to enjoy were 3 smooth jazz songs and one famous track I didn't even know the name. This is it. Four tunes for two weeks of no-thingness. If I had known this was the case, I would have prepared. I would have filled my laptop with movies, TV shows, and music videos. My most loved podcasts were ones I would listen to for hours. It's simple to download them, convert into MP3 and save to my personal computer. I then lay in my bedroom listening to the podcasts I love, but seldom find the time to actually listen. It was my"golden hour, two weeks filled with gold. http://www.convert2.cc It ended up being 2 weeks filled with staring at ceilings and running from passengers to be there every when they made a sound.<img width="403" src="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Ia1S86zl4FU/maxresdefault.jpg">The trip was devoid both literally and metaphorically. https://convert2.cc I have never been so bored. The ice was way too thick. I knew that this was likely to cause the issue. The boat was forced to turn around and come back to civilization. It was not a surprise. However, the hours of idle time could have been spent listening to podcastsor viewing DIY videos on repairs for the home, or listening to music. Next time I will convert YouTube? videos into MP4 and mp3 using my laptop. Music never makes you feel depressed. https://convert2.cc/ It is possible to download Netflix and Hulu movies onto your phone to watch offline. They can also be taken along on the long, arctic journey. Don't let boredom get you down. Have fun!

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