An ambush for the government over Latvian immigration law

On September 27, newspapers reported that the Latvian government had committed itself to deciding on quotas for the acquisition of residence permits using real estate. This discussion about a possible amendment to the immigration law in Latvia began after the national party met with members of the Visu Latvijai! (All for Latvia) and Tēvzemei ​​un brīvībai / LNNK (For Motherland and Freedom / LLNK) political parties. These parties had expressed violent protests against the perceived situation with immigrants in Latvia. The National Party has chosen the perfect time to raise the issue shortly before the next vote on the draft budget, so that the other parties and the people of Latvia have to get involved in the discussion and ensure that a solution to the problem is avoided.

No government shutdown for the Latvians Although the government did not support the wishes of the national party, its opposition had to back off the priority budget changes. The issue of residence permit through investment in real estate was a trivial issue in the context of the government agenda and no compromise appeared to be found, however almost everyone in the Latvian government had similar ideas about the possibility of introducing additional residence permit requirements in the form of required investments in support of Latvian families who have been incorporated into immigration law.

As mentioned earlier, the national party wanted to change the law to stop immigration to Latvia of real estate residence permits before 2014 and instead focus on helping Latvian families and caring for young mothers. The leading party Vienotība (Unity) contradicted the national party's plan to stop the residence permit program, but instead suggested doubling the investments required for the real estate program, putting in place a quota system and introducing a special regulation on donation funds. For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that the Reformu Partija (Party of Reforms), another party involved in the discussions, has proposed to discontinue the residence permit program altogether, but for a longer period so that companies and real estate companies can adapt to the changes and would therefore Do not feel the sudden loss of customers and investments. They suggested 2015, but that was flexible.

Not just about politics On September 30th, the Latvian pop philosopher Māris Zanders said: "Residence permits are not a problem only for politicians". By that he meant that all of these discussions are pointless and that such a residency program in Latvian immigration law brings with it the real possibility of creating a new real estate bubble that has historically proven dangerous in Latvia - for the country, for the locals and even for the immigrants. It is difficult to predict events, but even the thought of a possible bubble brings back very difficult memories for most Latvians.

Zanders went on to say that during the post-2008 global economic crisis, far more people left Latvia than came - removing any concern about overpopulation or overcrowding. Moreover, most of these immigrants are actually creating jobs - they are not taking jobs away from Latvians, but instead adding to the local economy. A more serious question is whether Latvia will be a producer and export nation or just a consumer at the global level.

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